10 prettiest K-pop lightsticks: SEVENTEEN’s Newrat Bong, BLACKPINK’s BI-PING-BONG, and more

Vital for each music fan are K-pop lightsticks, particularly in the event that they’re going to a specific gathering’s shows. Consistent with their name, lighsticks are essentially sticks of 15-20 cm that light up, and every K-pop gathering has a particular style that shows a fan is from a specific being a fan. More often than not, K-pop gatherings go extremely multifaceted with their subtleties for the lightsticks, to ensure that they captivate everyone of stupendous lightsticks.

These extras make K-pop shows even more bright and energizing, since fans at shows can match up their lightsticks together, making an aggregate flood of varieties. Frequently developed with the K-pop gathering’s logo and mark components as the base, lightsticks are an immense piece of the business and a trademark of a being a fan.

K-pop lightsticks additionally rose in significance and fame during the Coronavirus days, while fans going to shows weren’t permitted to talk, shout, or root for their number one craftsmen.

Normally, lightsticks have turned into the ideal and best way to speak with their venerated images. Inventive as the business can be, K-pop gatherings have fostered probably the prettiest and stunning lightstick plans.

From Mondoongie to Wujujung Bong: 10 K-pop lightsticks that have the most staggering designs1) Newrat Bong (Carat Bong Ver. 2): SEVENTEEN
The second variant of SEVENTEEN’s Carat Bong, Newrat Bong is effectively one of the prettiest K-pop lightsticks, given its glittery and gleaming makeover.

The lightstick looks like the state of a mouthpiece with a straightforward semi-circle at the top. Inside, one can see a jewel, which is an image of their being a fan. Furthermore, the lightstick is additionally built utilizing the gathering’s true tones, rose quartz and serenity.

ATEEZ, who’s been really severe with the fascinating idea that they excitingly expand on for their being a fan, don’t avoid their lightstick with regards to something very similar. While many fans were at that point dazzled with the main rendition, fans held the subsequent variant near their souls.


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The dark and gold hued lightstick is molded like a world’s globe with a sandglass and a compass inside the top semi-circle. A bend that stretches out from the highest point of the “globe” has the gathering’s unmistakable statement, “8 makes 1 group’ composed on it.

3) Bamhaneul (Night Sky) Bong Variant 2: Gfriend Gfriend, right from its most memorable variant, has consistently served one of the most lovely K-pop lightsticks. Looking straightforward yet terrific, the gathering’s most memorable rendition of Glass Marble Sticks wow-ed many fans. Nonetheless, they one-uped themselves with their subsequent adaptation, which is less complex yet considerably more excessive simultaneously.