2023: Nasty Blaq Opens Up After Being Dragged For Endorsing Atiku Abubakar For President

Abisi Emmanuel Ezechukwu otherwise known as Dreadful Blaq (Nastyblaq Okpontu), a Nigerian virtual entertainment humorist, entertainer and MC has opened up on the viral photographs of himself and partners with PDP’s Official competitor, Atiku Abubakar.

As per Dreadful, the photographs in no way demonstrate that he openly embraced any legislator in front of the impending coming general races in Nigeria.

Through his clarification on Instagram, Awful obviously expressed that he is working with different performers to completely get the adolescents engaged with the Nigerian political territory.

He stated: “I have been educated that a few posts circumventing web-based entertainment have recommended I supported political possibility for the forthcoming general decisions.

As a youthful Nigerian, I’m doing my bit to add to the political interaction. As of late I joined other people of note to investigate approaches to drawing in with partners in the political race process. We have had a few gatherings with political wannabes and, surprisingly, the Free Public Political decision Commission. We want to channel our impact to great and track down ways of bettering learn how youngsters can take part in the political cycle, and in a solid way.

It is ludicrous that anybody proposes I host supported get-togethers or competitors from contradicting parties.

As a well known person, I grasp the significance of clearness and straightforwardness. On this note, I ask every available person spreading these deceptions about me to promptly stop!

Much obliged to you everybody for your comprehension and collaboration.”