26, Marcos Vallejos, was charged with s*xual assault and murder of 22-year-old, Angelica Vega

Marcos Vallejos is a 24 years of age man, who was captured on murder and s*xual attack charges after a Greeley store representative was found dead toward the rear of a left vehicle.

Murder and attack charges recorded against Marcos Vallejos after store specialist saw as dead Following the disclosure of a dead store worker in Greeley, Marcos Vallejos was confined on doubt of homicide and s*xual attack. Angelica Vega, a 22-year-old woman, was found dead in a vehicle’s trunk. Soon after 10:30 p.m., police found Vega’s body in the storage compartment of a vehicle close to 71st Avenue and twentieth Street after she had been accounted for missing. Prosecuted with first-degree murder and rape, Marcos Vallejos was caught and is presently being held at the Weld County Jail.

Following claims of dubious movement at the store, police were called to Noco Nutrition on 59th Avenue not long before 8 o’clock. At the point when they showed up, they found Vega, who was intended to close the business, and what had all the earmarks of being a break-in. The store was in jumble when the police showed up, and there gave off an impression of being a great deal of blood on the ground.

Additionally absent was Vega’s vehicle. Somewhat more than two hours after the fact, Greeley police found the casualty’s vehicle left at or near a Kum and Go corner shop at 71st Avenue and twentieth Street, around a mile toward the west of NOCO Nutrition, where police had prior found the lady’s body in the storage compartment of her left vehicle. Her reason for death and precise strategy for passing has not yet been uncovered. The proprietor of a business close to Noco Nutrition, Awnya Bowie, is attempting to fund-raise to help the Vega family during this trying time.

Marcos Vallejos Age, Family, and Early Life The date of Marcos Vallejos’ capture shows that he is 24 years of age, so we accept he was born around 1994. As little data in regards to his own life has surfaced over the web, we have no particular data in regards to his date of birth, which makes it challenging to track down a particular data about him at this moment. Moreover, we haven’t caught wind of his folks or some other relatives in the beyond couple of days, so we don’t have any idea what their identity is.

marcos vallejos age Hence, His own life has not been generally recorded online right now, making it challenging to track down unambiguous data about his loved ones. We are subsequently unfit to furnish you with any ongoing data about his life individual life exhaustively. Thus, Once we dive more deeply into him, we will refresh whatever is applicable to him.

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