8 Dead, Including 6 Kids, in Okla. House Fire — and Cops Say It Was a Murder-Suicide with 2 Adults Responsible

Eight relatives, including six kids, were tracked down dead in a Wrecked Bolt, Okla., home after an obvious homicide self destruction, specialists declared.

Police were called to a home on Thursday evening after reports of an enormous house fire.

At the point when they showed up, they found the bodies of six kids and two grown-ups inside the home, Broken Bolt Police Boss Brandon Berryhill said at a public interview on Friday.

Berryhill affirmed that the kids’ ages went from 1 to 13 years of age. The two grown-ups, who Berryhill called the suspects in the passings, were likewise tracked down dead at the home.

Reasons for death have not been affirmed, yet firearms were recuperated from the home, Berryhill said.

The characters of the casualties have not been uncovered, forthcoming closest relative warning. Broken Bolt Fire Boss Jeremy Moore said during the public interview that the two grown-ups were found toward the front of the house while the youngsters were tracked down in a room toward the rear of the house.

“Justifiably, this is a shock to Broken Bolt, it’s a protected city,” Broken Bolt Police Division Representative Ethan Hutchins told correspondents during an instructions that was communicated by NewsChannel 8 Tulsa.

The examination is progressing.

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