83-Year-Old Man Hospitalized After Neighbor’s Dogs Allegedly Attack Him in His Yard: ‘Like a Rag Doll’

Los Angeles occupant Jimmy Lindsey spent special times of year in a medical clinic bed recuperating from different wounds after supposedly being destroyed by two canines.

“They [dragged] me this way and that across the grass like a cloth doll. I thought my life was finished, yes I did,” Lindsey, 83, told ABC7.

On Dec. 16, Lindsey was gone after external his South Los Angeles home. He and his family say the canines had a place with a neighbor, however no charges have been recorded.

“The two of them beat on me and began biting on me from the two finishes,” Lindsey told the power source. “One had my legs, pulling me, and the other one had my hands.”

Since the assault, Lindsey has persevered through different medical procedures with an end goal to save the utilization of his arm and hand.

He was transported to a medical clinic in Riverside, Calif., where he was put in the ICU, as per FOX11. Lindsey’s little girl Belynda Lindsey told the station he was an ardent walker before the assault. “He’s been going through injury care, and the specialist said we’re not in the clear yet to get his arm working.

They said at least, [it will take] a year [to recover] in light of the fact that the ligaments, the courses, the muscle, the veins, this was all uncovered,” she said.

“My dad is experiencing this aggravation constantly and my dad was sound. He was strolling miles.”

The family made a GoFundMe record to assist with clinical costs, the site expressed. “‘Gramps,’ as we call him, should go through extra medical procedures and has been informed his recuperation will be above and beyond a year. He will require nonstop consideration during this time and will require redesigned fencing to guarantee his security and wellbeing when he can get back,” the page expressed. “Gramps doesn’t have utilization of his arms or hands, nor is he ready to walk. My dad, Gramps can not really like himself for quite a while.”

Concerning the canines, Belynda let FOX11 know that a conference is planned between L.A. Area’s Creature Control and the canines’ proprietor.

“These creatures got out in some way so I would agree that the mortgage holder, or land owner whomever, is answerable for the carelessness of letting these awful canines out,” Belynda said.

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