’90 Day’ ‘s Kim and Usman Are Engaged After He Accepts Her Proposal — Before Meeting Another Potential Wife

It’s true: Kim Menzies and Usman “Sojaboy” Umar are locked in!

On Sunday night’s episode of multi Day Life partner: Cheerfully Ever Following?, 52-year-old Kim asked about getting married to an overjoyed Usman, 33.

It was a second the two of them said they’ll recollect until the end of their lives, however the commitment high wouldn’t keep going excessively lengthy — Usman was booked to meet a potential second spouse first thing the following morning.

The second started with Kim making a heartfelt environment by laying flower petals around her lodging, lighting candles and in any event, beautifying with laurels and photographs of herself and Usman. He was shocked as he strolled into the room through an entryway of glitter, addressing what Kim had been doing while he was no more.

Usman joined her on the couch where Kim communicated her profound love — regardless of the reality they actually didn’t have his family’s approval to marry.

“Despite whatever occurs, I believe you should know that I’m consistently going to be here,” Kim expressed while down on one knee. “I’m staying put.”

Usman acknowledged the proposition and put on a ring Kim had purchased, telling her: “In the event that wedding you is what to fulfill you in this life, I’m prepared to wed you. I never anticipated this. I will rehash and say, ‘OK, indeed, indeed, yes.’” A profound Usman later said in a confession booth interview it was one of the most exceptional snapshots of his life.

“At the point when Kimberly goes down on one knee, it’s not my way of life — yet it’s delightful. She’s attempting to show me the amount she love me, and how she’s prepared to do to me paying little mind to whatever will occur,” he said. “I need to acknowledge it. It’s something contacting, as a matter of fact.”

He added, “Take a gander at how she take such a lot of time improving the entire house. It’s so heartfelt, and I feel adored.”

To Kim, Usman conceded, “This is something that I will always remember in my life. I’ve never had this, and this was made by the lady that I love.”

However Kim and Usman were happy to the point bursting following the proposition, Kim was exceptionally mindful Usman would meet a more youthful lady in the first part of the day.

He consoled her that she’d stay critical to him. There was additionally the waiting thought that they’d need to, once more, wish for his mom’s favoring — however, as of the proposition, Kim was still possibly permitted to marry Usman on the off chance that he wedded somebody more youthful first.

During the episode, Kim’s family communicated concern, as well. In a FaceTime call with her child, Jamal, Kim shared her limit — that she’ll possibly wed Usman in the event that she can be the principal spouse (who, as per Usman’s way of life, has the most regard.) Kim recently consented to permit Usman a second wife exclusively to bear youngsters. Kim’s child wasn’t excessively certain of his mom’s arrangement. “I don’t have the foggiest idea how you feel OK with that,” he told his mother. “Particularly perceiving how things turned out with my father.”

Afterward, he inquired, “Why bother with being a first spouse?” “Since I love him,” Kim answered. The following week’s episode vows to see Usman meet his true capacity, more youthful spouse.

From the review, it doesn’t seem to be Usman will leave totally dedicated to Kim — that is, assuming requesting her telephone number is any relief the way in which he feels about the new, conceivable lady of the hour. multi Day Life partner: Cheerfully Ever Later? airs Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. ET on tender loving care and discovery+.

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