’90 Day’ : Usman Surprises Kim Twice(!) with His Own Proposal and Offer to Adopt After Immigration Scare

Kim Menzies and Usman “Sojaboy” Umar have started to consider their choices in the wake of learning he can’t lawfully have a second spouse in America.

Sunday’s episode of multi Day Life partner: Joyfully Ever Later? showed the drew in couple discussing the best way to push ahead after a movement lawyer let them know polygamy is unlawful in America — regardless of whether his other spouse is in another country.

The issue approaching was the agreement Kim, 52, endorsed with Usman’s mom, which guaranteed she would permit him to take a more youthful spouse.

Fortunate for Kim, Usman, 33, appeared to have an answer. A secret for the following week’s episode showed Usman telling Kim his big thought — reception. “I feel like perhaps I will embrace,” he told Kim by means of Zoom. Kim has generally been against bringing up Usman’s children — however she invites his arrangement to have kids with another lady. All in all, the principal question at the forefront of her thoughts was: “Who the f- – – brings up the youngster? Me?” Usman then, at that point, countered, “I’m asking — would you like to raise him?”

However kids weren’t important for their unique arrangement together, it very well may be a fitting option in contrast to Usman requiring a subsequent spouse.

In spite of the disturbance that the movement meeting brought, Kim and Usman had a somewhat heartfelt last day in Nigeria before Kim flew home to America.

Usman — who’d acknowledged Kim’s proposition a couple of days prior — to offer his own heartfelt motion and to propose to Kim himself.

The sorrowful second was brimming with “I love yous” and embraces as Usman got down on one knee in his lounge room to see about getting hitched.

“My mother say [sic] indeed, so if really, I love you, what else would I stand by?” he said. “Will you wed me, darling?” It was a simple, and profound, “yes” for Kim.

In a confession booth, Usman shared why it was significant for him to pose Kim the inquiry. “Kimberly propose to me, I feel a debt of gratitude, I comprehend the amount she love me,” he said.

“In any case, that isn’t the best way.” Kim included her own contemplations the matter. “It’s delightful,” she expressed, flaunting her new ring.

“This simply drives it home for me that this man loves me similarly however much I love him.” Up next, Kim Usman actually expected to finish the K-1 Visa application process.

Carrying Usman to America may not be simple, as it would straightforwardly abuse his consent to visit his family in Nigeria quarterly.

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