A “Beautiful Young Woman…” Was Murdered In Tuscaloosa On Strip At The Age of 23

As per her upset mother, everybody adored the young lady lethally shot while driving along the Strip in Tuscaloosa. 23-year-old Jamea Jonae Harris died from the beginning Sunday. DeCarlo Cotton let AL.com know that the young lady was “wonderful and cherished her family, particularly her 5-year-old child Kaine.”

With her sweetheart and her cousin, who studies at the College of Alabama, she was just endeavoring to partake in her end of the week. As per Cotton’s Facebook post, “She wouldn’t converse with him, so I took my child’s life.” Her most memorable cousin Kennedi Henderson lauded her for being “an unobtrusive individual and consistently a happy soul.” We grew up next to each other, in a real sense.

Henderson said, “She urged us to be awesome and held the cousins together. She was, basically, the best little cousin I might have expected. She remarked, “The family and I are simply in such mistrust that anything like this has happened to her. “Right now, we just solicitation petitions.”

Darius Miles, a 21-year-old b-ball player for the College of Alabama, is one of two suspects blamed for killing Harris. Maryland local Michael Lynn Davis, age 20, has been named the subsequent suspect. The Stroll of Champions at Bryant Denny Arena was the location of a shooting at around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday, as indicated by Tuscaloosa police and the College of Alabama police.

At the point when it detected a College of Alabama Squad car, a vehicle halted there. As per Tuscaloosa Fierce Wrongdoings, Capt. Jack Kennedy Harris was tracked down dead inside the vehicle. As per specialists, an obscure driver revealed being hit by shots while driving. The driver guaranteed he had terminated back with good reason and could have hit a suspect.

As per the examination discoveries, the shooting happened on the 400 Block of Elegance Road off College Street. Kennedy guaranteed they had recognized two people in the wake of addressing various observers and watching CCTV film. Both were found and addressed. Kennedy fought that one suspect was found to have supported a non-perilous injury in the wake of being shot.

As indicated by Kennedy, “it looks right now that the shooting was the consequence of a short conflict between the people in question and suspects after they ran into each other down the strip.”

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