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ActionKid is a Chinese-American Youtuber principally known for his visit video blogs about New York City.

Which isolates ActionKid from other travel bloggers is that he makes irl live floods of his movements all through New York City. These perspective recordings have made him extremely famous among Youtube fans and the standard.

He is likewise known for making aggregations of life in the Big Apple. His live streams typically last a couple of hours and follow a specific piece of New York.

For instance, he would stroll around Manhattan, Chinatown, or Astoria, film the regions and individuals for a really long time, and cut that into a video.

Age: 34
Net Worth: $1 Million
Profession: Youtuber
Nationality: American
Date of Birth: October 9, 1987
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Style: Vlogs & Travel
Videos: 3,786
Subscribers: 355K
Years Active: 2016 – Present

ActionKid’s endeavors in New York City have been perceived by the regional’s administration, as his recordings show, and many individuals who venture to every part of the city utilize his recordings as a source of perspective point and manual for which parts of the city they ought to visit.

He began shooting a combination of short and long recordings. The brief recordings were generally recordings of untrustworthy drivers and people on foot, and the more extended recordings would be video blogs of him strolling or cycling around that at last ventured into the sort of recordings he makes today.

ActionKid’s Total assets In 2022 Chinese-American Youtuber ActionKid’s total assets is assessed to be $1 million starting around 2022.

The YouTuber’s primary type of revenue is through his Youtube recordings. He has amassed 355K supporters on his channel.


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The YouTuber joined the stage on September 6, 2010, however posted no recordings for a considerable length of time until January 10, 2016. From that point forward, he has posted 3,786 recordings.

He has posted such countless recordings on the grounds that the vast majority of them are through his live streams. As referenced over, the Youtuber utilizes POV live transfers to exhibit his content: strolling and going through New York.

Likewise, a couple of years before he made the content he does today, the Youtuber principally made short gatherings rapidly.

The biggest number of perspectives he has gotten on his channel is 3.1 million. Of the 3,786 recordings on his channel, 12 recordings have reached or outperformed 1,000,000 perspectives.

Lately, ActionKid’s perspectives diminished than the sum they used to be the point at which he was posting more limited recordings, however since the recordings are live streams, they don’t draw in as many individuals. These recordings have procured ActionKid a new, more devoted fan base, and he’s doing all the better for it.

These fans keep close by and watch the sum of his recordings, which is the reason he has amassed such huge total assets, in spite of the fact that his endorser number is lower than the vast majority with 1,000,000 bucks total assets.

Likewise, as referenced above, many individuals, particularly fans, utilize ActionKid’s recordings to explore, investigate, and tour the city of New York, which has expanded their devotion and dedication to the channel.

How Does ActionKid Bring in Cash? ActionKid fundamentally brings in cash off of his Youtube recordings. He brings in cash off of the AdSense that his Youtube recordings make. Youtube pays $2-$12 per 1000 adapted sees in the US, UK, and Canada after the organization takes its cut.

Additionally, YouTube pays really relying upon how long individuals stay close by and watch the recordings. This standard is beneficial for ActionKid since he is a live decoration. It’s his watchers’ tendency to stay close by for the entire thing.

Likewise, he has a Patreon page where individuals can pay him a month to month expense for various advantages. For the most part, individuals who have a Patreon likewise have levels where individuals can pay something else for additional advantages.


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ActionKid (@actionkidtv)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

ActionKid is the same, and he has three levels. They are:

Level 1: Bronze: $1 Each Month: The part gains admittance to ActionKid’s month to month update post, and the Part Segment of the ActionKid Disagreement Server, where he examines:
Where he’s been
Impending video thoughts
Different subjects of interest
Level 2: Silver: $5 Each Month: The part gains admittance to every one of the advantages of the level previously, alongside the accompanying new advantages:
Elite individuals just live streams
Elite individuals just recordings
10% Off Things from the ActionKid TeeSpring Merchandise Store
Level 3: Gold: $10 Each Month: The part gains admittance to every one of the advantages of the levels previously, alongside the accompanying new advantage:
20% Off Things from the ActionKid TeeSpring Merchandise Store
As proven over, another way ActionKid brings in cash is through stock. He has collaborated with the organization, Spring, to circulate his product on his site. As a content maker with a dedicated fan base, one can expect that ActionKid sells a decent measure of his product to enhance his pay.

Additionally, his Patreon and stock store work inseparably in light of the fact that the higher level somebody is on his Patreon, the less expensive they can purchase his product. This advantageous relationship helps ActionKid’s pay pleasantly.

The amount Is ActionKid’s Vocation Profit? Stringently taking a gander at the view depends on his recordings, ActionKid has procured generally $1,581,996.

The number is determined from the aggregate sum of perspectives he has amassed on his recordings, which is 131,833,071. As referenced above, since a large portion of his recordings are live streams, one can expect that his profit go towards $12 instead of $2.


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ActionKid (@actionkidtv)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

ActionKid likewise has around 189 Patreon adherents, and their month to month gifts have certainly added to his profession income. The thinking is that Patreon endorsers are month to month, so despite the fact that the sum they give every month is low, it is as yet a predictable sum.

Along these lines, paying little mind to the amount they give, ActionKid makes thousands consistently from his Patreon account. Likewise, the Youtuber is running an advancement where he gives a 15% markdown to every individual who pays for a year in a one-time installment.

He likewise acknowledges one-time gifts through PayPal and Money Application. However there is no information to help it, the way that his unwavering fanbase has upheld him through one-time gifts isn’t implausible.

ActionKid’s whole web-based persona depends on the way that he is a sort and positive individual. His recordings show it as well, and frequently he has been compensated with one-time gifts while on record.

He additionally has his product, which he has collaborated with Spring to help publicize and appropriate.

As to, he has many patrons to assist with subsidizing his recordings and holds a New York City local area expert permit starting around 2019, so he additionally has the city’s help, which is quite difficult.

What Is ActionKid’s Genuine Name? Chinese-American YouTuber ActionKid’s genuine name is Kenneth Jawline.

ActionKid otherwise known as Jawline, was born on October 9, 1987, and is at present 34. He was born and brought up in New York City, New York, which makes sense of his interest with the big apple.

Not much is been aware of the YouTuber’s initial and individual life. Notwithstanding, he has expressed that he chose to begin making recordings and posting them consistently on Youtube toward the finish of 2016.

He has for some time been intrigued with New York City since he was born and raised there and basically on the grounds that he cherishes living and investigating the town.


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The Youtuber has investigated the city he cherishes with a scope of strategies like:

Strolling visits
Cycling recordings
Comprehensive developments
Marches, and

Occasional Celebrations ActionKid allows his work to represent him, and as somebody who loves to travel and investigate a thick city loaded up with something or the other to see and do, there are times when the Youtuber allows the city to represent him.

However not much private data is had some significant awareness of the Youtuber, he has expressed that he tries to motivate energy with his recordings however much he can.

This yearning toward energy is one reason why the Youtuber created some distance from the brief recordings of his past where he would post about discourteous drivers and walkers. He centers around the excellence around him rather than horrendous things. He has enhanced his recordings and investigated different urban areas, most as of late Miami, Florida.

Is ActionKid Hitched? No, The Chinese-American Youtuber ActionKid isn’t hitched or in a relationship.

He is exceptionally confidential about his own life, so regardless of whether he were seeing someone, fans and people in general wouldn’t know whether he didn’t publically state it, an accomplishment which he has never finished.


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ActionKid’s Instagram has 13.9K devotees and 1,061 posts about his voyaging takes advantage of, yet not a solitary picture or any suspicion of his own life. He has befriended individual Youtubers with whom he has voyaged and worked together.

One of his later partners was Jaycation, a more modest channel. Jaycation has 73.1K supporters contrasted with ActionKid’s 355K endorsers. He has transferred 874 recordings on his channel and ventures essentially around the San Diego area of California.

Jaycation’s genuine name is Jay Maniquis, and he and ActionKid teamed up when the Chinese-American Youtuber went to Miami, Florida.

ActionKid going to Miami was the initial time in an extended period of time that the Youtuber’s content went from his normally New York City-based recordings.

He made in excess of 100 streams in Miami, where he utilized his trademark investigation way of strolling around the city by visiting better places in the town.

Jaycation showed up in the greater part of the Miami recordings. One of the incredible things that ActionKid did is that he didn’t just show the elegant side of the city yet the way in which hard it can now and again be to cross through the town.


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His Miami recordings were a colossal achievement and demonstrated the way that the YouTuber could get by in any region and that despite the fact that he makes recordings about New York City, he doesn’t just need to be consigned to that situation for as long as he can remember.

He is presently back in New York City and has proceeded with his customary streams yet appears to have a new joie de vivre to his manifestations. Here’s to wishing him karma.

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