Aima Baig Finally Speaks Up Over Cheating Allegations On Ex-Fiance Shahbaz Shigri

Aima Baig, who has been facing claims for the past two days communicating that she sabotaged Shahbaz, has finally answered these messy charges.

English Model Taloulah Mair conveyed a couple of accounts, voice records, and screen catches on Twitter, acquainting them as confirmation with exhibit that Baig went despite Shigri’s good faith with her then-darling Qes Ahmed.

With this evidence, the web broke out with a whirlwind having a picture fest. Aima didn’t talk over the matter for two days. However, by and by she has finally arisen to answer the tyrannical jerks.

Aima Baig has watched out for a long organized message on her Instagram story to get out the situation. She referred to that she would have rather not made things shocking since that isn’t the manner by which her young life is.

Baig further says that people drew in with this matter acknowledge what happened and they don’t have anything to say concerning this have any importance.

Aima added that people who really thinking about what exactly happened, will see it in about a short time.

Up to that highlight all of the harassers, keep consuming your time making pictures, communicated Baig.

Aima and Shahbaz started returning in 2019. They made their relationship official in 2021. Several days back, the singer announced that she went out every which way from her soul mate.