Aire meaning in Arabic trends as Kylie Jenner baby name announcement sparks hilarious reactions

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to formally present her and Travis Scott’s child to the world by sharing a progression of photographs. She likewise uncovered that her child has been named “Aire” and involved his name as the subtitle of the post.

A source later affirmed to Individuals that the name signifies “Lion of God.” Kris Jenner likewise remarked on Kylie’s post and said:

“I love you Aire Webster.”
Kylie invited her second youngster with Scott in February 2022 and at first named him Wolf Jacques. Notwithstanding, the next month, the model said that her child’s name “isn’t Wolf any longer.” She further composed:

The Kylie Beauty care products pioneer likewise talked about her child’s name during an appearance on The Late Show with James Corden last September. At that point, she said:

“We haven’t formally lawfully changed the name. His name is still Wolf. His visa’s Wolf, however that won’t be his name. We’re simply pausing.”
During a November 2022 episode of The Kardashians, Kylie shared one more open update about her child’s name and said:

Caitlyn Jenner likewise talked about the name change including Kylie and Scott’s child during a meeting with Individuals at Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Asset occasion:

“Those are her choices to make. I took in quite some time in the past don’t offer your opinion, I go with anything they concoct. In any case, presently she has Knight, and that’s what I like, with a K, similar to a knight in sparkling defensive layer. That’s what I like.”
She proceeded:

“I’ve endured 34 years carpooling. I’ve changed 10 million diapers over my life expectancy. It’s so extraordinary when you have grandkids, on the grounds that you simply get them and hand them back. They got a messy diaper, it’s yours.”

While fanatics of Kylie Jenner communicated their fervor over the authority name disclosure of her child, a few web-based entertainment clients shared that the name “Aire” means “my d*ck” in Arabic. The disclosure became a web sensation on the web and started humorous responses via virtual entertainment.

Kylie Jenner as of late did her child’s face uncover on Instagram and shared that she has named him as “Aire” subsequent to changing his underlying name “Wolf Jacques.”

While fans sent their desires to the 11-month-old, some common that the name “Aire” means “my p*nis” in Arabic. Following the disclosure, a few fans took to Twitter to respond to the kid’s name with interesting remarks and clever images: