Alikoto Calms The Mind And Soul With His Music

In times where commotion contamination and interruptions have become exceptionally widespread, there is a requirement for music that helps quiet the whole self and make a favorable the air for unwinding, rest, concentration, contemplation and quiet.

Bosuo, which is a Twi word that means morning dew, has been painstakingly made by Alikoto, otherwise called Samson Osei, to do exactly that and put the personalities, bodies what’s more, spirits of audience members feeling unwinding.

Alikoto utilizes native African instruments like the wooden xylophone, djembe, marimba, wooden hammer and viola in the creation of Bosuo which carries a mitigating African energy to this New Age sort of music.

This tune was put forth conceivable by the cooperative attempt of Smokey The Creator who brought specific melodies and thoughts by Alikoto to being.

Who Is Alikoto? Samson Osei, otherwise called Alikoto, is a Ghanaian business person, food researcher and imaginative born and brought up in Accra, Ghana. Having set up various organizations of which Alikoto Music Consult (laid out 2018) is part, he chose to leave on his imaginative excursion in 2022 by delivering music.

Alikoto has been a music leader for more than 7 years at this point and began his music chief excursion as a craftsman director prior to continuing into different parts of the music business.

A portion of the specialists and marks he has worked/works with are DJ Mensah, Efya, Sarkodie, Joey B, Darkovibes, La Meme Gang, Hammer of The Last Two, Bosom P-Yung, DJ Paak, Famous Bobson, Iphxne Dj, Warner Music UK, Universal Music among numerous others.

As a business person and food researcher, Alikoto has three youthful new companies which are: Alikoto Music Consult , Mushroom Kings Ghana

These three organizations are filling an extraordinary need in the public eye by assisting with settling a few difficulties confronting society right now.

Alikoto appreciates investigating new things and taking on new difficulties that are deliberate and in accordance with his convictions and standards. He wishes to emphatically influence however many individuals as could reasonably be expected through what he does and assist with making the world a superior spot each thoughtful deed in turn.

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