All About John Fetterman, the Democrat Who Defeated Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate Race

Democrat John Fetterman is making headlines after winning the Pennsylvania Senate race over Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, according to several news network projections.

After one of the most controversial campaigns in the country, Fetterman flipped a Senate seat blue — becoming the main Democrat to win the seat since 1962 as he defeated the Trump-embraced VIP specialist in the race.

“It’s official. I will be the following U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania,” Fetterman tweeted upon his triumph. “We bet on individuals of Pennsylvania — and you didn’t let us down. And I won’t let you down. Thank you.”

The Senate seat was vacated by outgoing Sen. Pat Toomey, creating the main open Senate seat in Pennsylvania in more than a decade. Fetterman’s win assists the Democratic Party as they with looking to get bigger margins on Capitol Slope.

Between his viral campaigning minutes and family background, here’s everything to be familiar with Fetterman.

He is the lieutenant legislative leader of Pennsylvania Fetterman served as the mayor of Braddock from 2006 to 2019 before being chosen the 34th lieutenant legislative leader of Pennsylvania in 2018. During his residency, he amassed national attention for his efforts to legalize cannabis statewide in addition to countering President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud in Pennsylvania.

His Pennsylvania Senate win is really historic Last year, Fetterman announced his candidacy in the 2022 U.S. Senate election in Pennsylvania — and after one of the most controversial campaigns in the country, he defeated Republican Dr. Oz in the race. Flipping a Senate seat blue, Fetterman became the main Democrat to win this seat since 1962.

Despite Oz’s abrupt energy in the weeks leading up to the election (with certain surveys calling him the frontrunner), Fetterman drove early. He often took to social media to call out the former television personality for gaffes, including his broadly shared shopping trip for “crudités.”

Issues like raising the minimum wage, criminal equity reform, abortion access, voting privileges, and protections for LGBTQ+ individuals are all issues Fetterman has supposedly campaigned on, often in rural provinces loaded up with working-class electors who upheld Trump.

He experienced a stroke days before the primary election Only days before the primary election in May, Fetterman experienced a stroke and later went through a system to implant a pacemaker with a defibrillator. Ultimately, Fetterman won the primary — from a hospital bed — handily. His PCP later revealed he has atrial fibrillation, which caused the stroke, and cardiomyopathy, which is the reason he got the implant.

In August, he bounced back on the campaign trail, saying in an emotional discourse that he felt “better than I have in years.”

His tattoos have special meanings In a commentary published by NBC News in September, Fetterman got serious about the personal meaning behind a portion of his tattoos.

The Democrat has nine tattoos on his right forearm and composed that they each address “a day on which someone died fiercely while I was mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania.” He explained that the ink reading “01.16.06.” is the date when Christopher Williams was shot dead while delivering pizzas.

He proceeded to detail the other dates memorialized by his tattoos, writing that they all act as “reminders of individuals we have lost and what I’m fighting for.” He added: “My decision to mark these deaths with tattoos was inspired in part by their permanence — the fact that these individuals, their accounts and my town will be with me forever.”

He earned his master’s from Harvard College Preceding his political endeavors, Fetterman sought after a profession in the insurance industry, having studied finance at Albright School before earning a MBA from the College of Connecticut.

After graduating, he joined AmeriCorps and earned a Master of Public Strategy degree from the Harvard Kennedy School (the school of public arrangement and legislature of Harvard College) in 1999. He moved to Braddock in 2004 and was chosen mayor the following year.

He’s married and is a father to three children The politician married Gisele Fetterman in 2008 and they share three children together: Karl, Gracie and August. The two originally connected after Gisele thought of him a letter inquiring about Braddock and the efforts to revitalize the local area.

Originally from Brazil, the Main Lady of Pennsylvania accepted her green card in 2004, four years before her marriage, and became a U.S. resident in 2009. She has given her life to helping others, with a focus on nutrition, food value and meeting Pennsylvanians’ basic requirements.

However, the parents have attempted to save their children’s experiences growing up to a degree. “We truly do talk about the race around the house a little and the children will come to rallies when they can, however they also have their own lives,” Gisele told Individuals. “They go to school consistently, they head toward their companions’ homes, they have schoolwork to do. Their calendars are extremely full already.”

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