Anastasia Dobromyslova Husband Tony Martin Is An English Darts Player

Anastasia Dobromyslova spouse Tony Martin is likewise an expert darts player from Ellesmere Port. Anastasia has been hailed as the Russian Sovereign of Darts.

Anastasia is a three-time Ladies’ Reality Proficient Darts Champion coordinated by the English Darts Association (BDO). She came out on top for her most memorable title back in 2008. Following her prosperity, she contended in the male-ruled Big showdown coordinated by Proficient Darts Organization (PDC) in 2009.

The darts player got back to the BDO in 2011, and she came out on top for her subsequent title holder championship in 2012. On the other hand, in 2013, she brought home her third big showdown.

Anastasia is the main darts player granted the “Justified Expert of Game of Russia.”

Anastasia Dobromyslova spouse Tony Martin began his vocation in darts by playing in English Darts Association.

Tony Martin began playing darts at 18 years old.

Martin was a sprinter up to Mervyn Ruler during his most memorable year in BDO in 2002. In 2004, he arrived at the finals of the Swedish Open yet lost to Shaun Greatbatch, an English darts player. In the next year, in 2005, during Norway Open 2005, yet lost[to Michael van Gerwen, a Dutch darts player.

Tony began playing darts when he was only 18 with Merseyside Youth. At the point when he was 21, he was enrolled to play for the area of Clwyd. His most memorable season acquired him the English Dart Association Youthful Player of the Year Grant.

In his vocation as a dart player, he exchanged and contended in Proficient Darts Company for a couple of months prior to declaring his takeoff and getting back to English Darts Association. Again in 2009, during Huge homeruns of Darts, it was reported that Martin would get back to play for Proficient Darts Enterprise in 2010.

Because of a few physical issue issues and loss of structure, his season was fruitless in PDC, so he missed out on a visit card.

In 2019, he was positioned top during the Italian Open and Slovak Bosses. Martin’s most elevated Big showdown normal was 78.96 in 2005 while playing against Simon Whitlock. He utilizes 24 Gram Jocky Wilson dashes and has been nicknamed Heartbreaker.

Tony and Anastasia initially met each other back in 2005 during a competition that occurred in the Netherlands.

The team presently lives in Ellesmere Port, a port town in the Cheshire West.

The couple brought forth their most memorable kid, a child kid named Joseph, in February 2017. Conversing with Euro Sports’ Carrie Dunn, Anastasia referenced that both possessed trouble overseeing energy for training after their youngster’s introduction to the world. Since both she and Tony play expertly, they need to travel and practice.

Yet, after Joseph began nursery, things turned out to be simple for Anastasia; her mom assisted take with minding of Joseph, offering her chance to get before the board.

Since both are proficient level darts players, when inquired as to whether they at any point practice together, Anastasia said they didn’t rehearse together on the grounds that she couldn’t stand it when Tony beat her.

In January 2021, they went to Russia and visited places like Tver. In 2019, Anastasia and Tony got the best positions at similar competition, The Slovaks Bosses Champions.

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