Are the Island Boys Gay? What’s the Twin Brother’s Sexuality?

The Little islanders are quite possibly of the most dubious team, basically American rappers. They have circulated around the web and acquired acclaim through TikTok.

They are constantly found in an outfit that seems as though they live on an island with various haircuts, a few tattoos, and precious stone teeth. In many melodies, they articulate their thoughts as island young men.

Their genuine names are Franky Venegas as Kodiyakredd and Alex Venegas as Flyysouljah. They have an incredible fan base on TikTok. They don’t effortlessly share their own data via online entertainment, and subsequently individuals are interested to know are the little islanders gay? What’s the twin brother’s sexuality?

Since you are here, we will address every one of your inquiries and let you know which big names are the specific gays. Along these lines, right away, we should begin.

Are The Little islanders Gay? Indeed, the Little islanders are gay, and they made it official in January 2022. The twins posted a video for TikTok from Flyysouljah where they responded to the inquiry “cutest couple on this application.” They said,

“Um I simply needed to let you all know that uh me and my brother, we are formally dating for a many individuals that are saying that we’re suss and we’re this and we were so near one another and we stay by one another and various things. Um I was really humiliated to say yet presently I’m saying it I’m dating my brothers,” said Alex Venegas (Flyysouljah).

Franky Venegas (Kodiyakredd) added, “Better believe it we’re trying to say it we’re dating one another.” Alex Venegas proceeded, “No doubt about it we’re with one another eternity and that is simply it is.”

In February 2022, the Little islander came to live with his better half, and they had a gigantic battle and separated. In that video, the islander asserted her sweetheart expressed rude things in regards to him and his gayness while her better half was attempting to safeguard herself, saying she couldn’t care less about him any longer.

After the Islanders went live and confessed to individuals their mystery of being gay and having associations with young men, many fans sent DMS to Monty, the Islander’s sweetheart, to tell her reality. Then, at that point, the couple battled online to end everything in their issue.

The following are a couple of things that they told in their live discussion. The Little islanders, ” Monty, what are you on the present moment? You’re smashed. You assume you are lit off wine at the present time. You had some wine, and you let me know you had a fork. You had a terrible as* for local people.”

Monty replied, “Brother I couldn’t care less about you continuing live with your dumb – as* wheel game talking shi* about in the middle between remarks with moronic as* raggedy. Bitc* I couldn’t care less.”

In the wake of having a big battle, they formally cut off their friendship. His ex was vexed while the little islander was snickering. The Islanders’ sexuality is gay, and it’s not generally something secret.

End Islanders are gay, and the brothers are formally dating one another. Albeit one of them had a sweetheart, it’s stunning that they didn’t see what their sexuality was until January.

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