Ashland Mayor, Richard Grauerholz, has passed away

Richard Grauerholz was a city chairman of Ashland and a long-lasting local group of fire-fighters part. He died on Saturday.

Richard Grauerhol, the city chairman of Ashland and a long-lasting fireman, has away. Richard Grauerholz the city of Ashland’s ongoing chairman, has died.

City chairman Richard “Rick” Grauerholz passed unexpectedly on Friday night, as indicated by the Ashland Volunteer Local group of fire-fighters.

The local group of fire-fighters said, Grauerholz was a long-term fire part and depicts him as a “face of initiative across the whole province of Nebraska.”

police boss Joe Baudler said, “Perhaps of the best boss I worked with. An extremely shrewd man who knew the town of Ashland quite well and endeavored to steer it in a positive bearing,”.

City chairman Grauerholz presented with the Ashland Local group of fire-fighters for over 40 years and resigned from the Nebraska State Fire Marshals office after over 30 years.

He likewise filled in as a parttime teacher at the Fire Marshal’s office. Richard Grauerholz holds an American resident and he has a place with the White race.

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