Ashley Greene Has Cullen ‘Family Reunion’ with ‘Twilight’ Costars Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone

The Cullens are back together once more. Ashley Greene as of late had a Sundown gathering, sharing a selfie Saturday with her onscreen family Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone.

“Family get-together,” composed Greene, 35, with the photograph on her Instagram Story. She played visionary vampire Alice Cullen in 2008’s Dusk, in light of the hit Stephenie Meyer book of similar name, trailed by the continuations New Moon (2009), Shroud (2010), Breaking Sunrise: Section 1 (2011) and Breaking Sunrise: Section 2 (2012).

Facinelli, 48, played Cullen patriarch Carlislie, who drove a coven of vampires acting like his receptive youngsters, including Jasper Sound (played by Rathbone, 37), who was additionally subtly Alice’s sweetheart. Greene conceded on her Nightfall Impact digital recording in April: “I had eyes for Jackson Rathbone while we were shooting.”

“Inside our most memorable experience, I was like, ‘This buddy’s really charming and a Southern honorable man. …

I was like, ‘OK, I’m into it.’ He sings, he showed me how to swing dance,” she related, adding: “And he should be my lifetime love onscreen, and I was like, ‘This will be simple.’”

The Stunner entertainer said Rathbone “needed to have known” about her crush, adding: “In the event that he knew, he simply wasn’t into me.”

She told Individuals it “wasn’t generally rainbows and daylight on set” as she reported The Nightfall Impact in February.

“We did this for a long time and there was a great deal of promising and less promising times, and some show, and we resembled a family, yet additionally in our 20s, thus there were somewhat spats to a great extent,” Greene said. “Thus, I think, it’s something or other where, generally, it was a decent encounter, however we were people, and we were in our 20s.”

Greene has since figured out her genuine opportunity love in spouse Paul Khory, with whom she secured the bunch in July 2018.

The couple invited their most memorable child, little girl Kingsley Rainn, in September.