Austin Butler Gives Sweet Shoutout to ‘Once Upon a Time’ Costar Brad Pitt at Golden Globes: ‘Love You’

Austin Steward is the ruler of rock ‘n’ roll — and of the Brilliant Globes. At the honor show on Tuesday night, Steward, 31, won best entertainer in a dramatization for his presentation as Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis. This is his most memorable Brilliant Globe win and first assignment.

Different chosen people in the class were Brendan Fraser (The Whale), Hugh Jackman (The Child), Bill Nighy (Living) and Jeremy Pope (The Assessment).

“Goodness man, every one of my words are leaving me,” he started his discourse. “I simply I’m so thankful right presently I’m in this room brimming with my legends.”

Among those legends incorporates his previous Some time ago… in Hollywood costar Brad Pitt. Considering that, Head servant paused for a minute to give Pitt, 59, a holler.

“Brad, I love you,” he said prior to proceeding to recognize of industry legends he respects. “Quentin [Tarantino], I printed out the Raw Fiction script when I was 12. I can’t really accept that I’m here the present moment.” Steward then kept on saying thanks to the people who assisted him with getting to where he is currently, and offered his thanks for different candidates.

“I simply need to thank the Hollywood Unfamiliar Press for this honor. I will likewise share with my kindred candidates, you have turned in the most gorgeous, significant work, and I am so regarded and glad to be recorded among you,” he said.

“I owe this to a striking, visionary producer who permitted me the experience to face challenges and I generally realized I would be upheld,” he said, referring to Elvis chief Baz Luhrmann.

“Baz Luhrmann, I love you. Much thanks to you for having confidence in me in those minutes that I didn’t actually trust in myself.

I’m so appreciative to I additionally need to thank my dance accomplice, the best dance accomplice I might have at any point expected Mr. Tom Hanks, much obliged.”

Head servant then, at that point, said thanks to Denzel Washington for his “liberality in advocating” him, eventually making the phone call to Lurhmann, 60, to assist him with getting the part.

“I’m so appreciative forever to you,” he added. In the wake of sharing his adoration for the film’s studio and his family, he gave an exceptional whoop to Presley’s previous spouse Priscilla Presley and little girl Lisa Marie Presley. He then finished up his discourse by recognizing the Lord, himself.

“In conclusion, Elvis Presley, himself, you were a symbol and a renegade,” Steward said. “What’s more, I love you to such an extent.”

Back in May, Steward said his change into the late music legend was extreme to the point that when he finished recording back in Walk 2021, he became hospitalized and out of commission for seven days. As indicated by English GQ, Head servant was determined to have an infection that reenacts an infected appendix.

“The following day I awakened at 4 AM with agonizing agony, and I was hurried to clinic,” he told the magazine. “My body recently began closing during the time after I completed Elvis.”

Chief Luhrmann, 60, added about Steward’s presentation, “Look, I’ve worked with each sort of entertainer and each sort of entertainer.

What’s more, I acknowledge that they have freak-outs, that is not a problem. However, Austin, he doesn’t go nuts. He has the most affable frenzy of anybody I’ve at any point met.”

Steward likewise made sense of the close to home explanation he had the option to interface with Presley on a more profound level.

“His mom died when he was 23, and my mother died when I was 23. So when that’s what I discovered, it was something or other where I got chills, and I recently thought, ‘OK, I can associate with that,’ ” he said, later adding, “I’ve never adored someone I’ve never met more than Elvis.”

The 80th Brilliant Globe Grants function is broadcasting live on Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC and Peacock.

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