BBNaija S7 : Chichi secures a spot in the Finale

The victor of this evening’s Head of House game advances to the Last Show, yet in addition picks two individuals to progress to the Finale.

The Head of House triumph this evening ensures a spot in the Season Finale, making it the most sought after HoH title yet. The Housemates assembled in the Field were all grins and chitchat, however when Big Brother made sense of what was in question, the light state of mind was supplanted with extreme concentration. As though Housemates weren’t at that point tense, Biggie started House keeping by eliminating Rachel’s title as Tail of House.

The stakes were raised much higher when Big Brother declared that this evening’s champ wouldn’t just be delegated Head of House, approach the leader Head of House room, and go to the Showmax Film Night, yet would likewise have Incomparable Denial Power.

This evening’s Head of House Game was “See-Saw Shafts,” a game that was like a jungle gym see-saw yet with a wind. The shafts were uncommonly planned, with one finish of each bar wearing a shallow compartment formed like the Big Brother eye, and the opposite side of the pillar exposed with just a marked line.

Housemates were given five balls to ship each in turn by strolling across the bar to the contrary side and failing into the shallow holder. Housemates were to rehash this interaction until all balls were effectively moved. The dissatisfaction expanded as the game advanced for Housemates who battled to keep the balls in the holder on the grounds that the shaft moved when they strolled on it, spilling their balls out.

Balance was the situation, and Chichi exhibited that she had it taken care of. In obvious Chichi style, she shouted all through her endeavors, yet this ended up being her superpower as she crushed her rivals. At the point when the game finished, Big Brother expressed gratitude toward her for each of different times she came close however missed the mark and complimented her on winning the current week’s Head of House. At the point when Biggie asked Chichi who she needed to impart the Head of House Room to, she picked a charmed Chizzy, who acknowledged charitably.