BBNaija S7: Chomzy Replies Eloswag After He Told Her Not To Ever Speak With Him Again Inside The House

A couple of hours prior, the camera showed Chomzy, the fifth top of the house, and Eloswag, her delegate, having a conversation about cutting off their friendship with one another after Eloswag expressed that he didn’t need a relationship with Chomzy any longer.

Review that Eloswag, who has been especially associated with Chomzy, kissed her on specific events and told her he loved her. Be that as it may, Eloswag, who was exactly troubled after Chomzy neglected to give him a go-ahead in light of the relationship, told her not to at any point talk with him once more.

Eloswag tells Chomzy he needs space, and he doesn’t need a relationship with her any longer.

In the most natural sounding way for him, “Don’t converse with me once more. I won’t die in the event that I’m single; I won’t die on the off chance that I don’t engage in sexual relations; many thanks in Jesus’ name.”

As respects this, Chomzy answered and let him know she was fine with it. “As you’ve acknowledged that we ought to at no point ever converse with one another in the future, that is fine. Have a pleasant life,” she said.

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