BBNaija S7: “Hermes Said He Will Be Getting Married Immediately He Leaves The House” – Chomzy

Chomzy has uncovered that Hermes will get hitched following he goes out.

She and Eloswag were discussing Hermes and the folks she would have thought of or thought about dating in the house. She said that she can’t date a person like Hermes regardless of whether it’s fleeting.

That he has two sweethearts outside the house and he is wanting to get hitched in the wake of going out, and he is likewise anticipating having children as well.

In the most natural sounding way for Chomzy: “Regardless of whether I needed to date in the house it wouldn’t be Hermes. The person has two serious sweethearts outside. What’s more, he said he is getting hitched the second he leaves”.

Chomzy doesn’t know which of his better half he expects to get hitched to after the house. It very well may be the two of them.

Hermes is living it up in the house. Winning head of house twice and among the significant champs during different games. Hermes additionally won somebody in the house; Allysyn’s consideration.

Could he leave Allysyn in the wake of leaving the show or stay with her? Now that it’s uncovered that he is getting hitched after the show, it is difficult to figure out who he will at last settle with.

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