BBNaija: Why Deji wants Chichi to behave well after nasty fight with Diana

Deji is stressed that assuming his darling, Chichi proceeds with her raucous conduct in the house, she could stain his picture outside the house. In a talk with Giddyfia, he said Chichi vowed to act well and apologize to Diana.

Deji prior communicated his dismay at the way of behaving of his darling, Chichi after she got into a dreadful battle with Diana. He let Phyna know that he’s frustrated in Chichi and he’ll need to converse with her since his housemates are keeping away from him.

In any case, Chichi vowed to apologize to Diana and guaranteed her old flame that she wouldn’t battle sometime later. He said, “Chichi dey ask that she won’t repeat the experience. She just dey beseech me since I tell am say if na so she wan dey act I’m out.

“She no fit con dey stain my white outside. She said won’t repeat the experience and guaranteed me that she’ll proceed to apologize to Diana.” he proceeded.

A few days prior, Chichi was likewise taken part in a yelling challenge with another housemate, Adekunle. This is after her ‘man’ Deji was moved from the now ancient Level 1 to Level 2 condo.

What prompted the battle among Chichi and Diana Review that a minor show followed after Deji gave Diana a closet space trying to save a spot for his dear companion, Chichi.

This didn’t go down well with Chichi, who appears to have overwhelming inclinations for Deji.

Diana got on Chichi’s muttering and this prompted a revolting a showdown between the ladies.

Chichi, before the battle, told Phyna, “I’m not only a darling I’m a warrior. For what reason didn’t she ask me before she put her things in Deji’s storage?

“To play filthy, I’m prepared. I’m a hawk yet I can go grimy to take care of when I’m finished taking care of I’ll soar to where I should be. “It resembles she needs to battle me in a roundabout way yet I will battle her straightforwardly in the event that that is what she needs.

Chichi proceeded, “For what reason would she say she is leaving her things in his storage? if she would rather not be sensible I’ll not be as well. “I’m ready for you Edo young lady like me you can’t do me in any case like others. I wouldn’t oblige you.

“I won’t contact you however with my mouth, I’ll dissipate you into pieces don’t attempt me. My character presented to me this far I’m not allowing anybody to remove that from me.”

Diana got on Chichi’s muttering and this prompted a revolting a showdown between the ladies. The two of them mocked each other for certain minutes while the housemates attempted to keep away from a battle between them.

Chichi has since been given a harsh admonition as she barely got away from a strike from Biggie. Biggie uncovered that in spite of not sending her out of the opposition matter-of-factly, she will anyway be rebuffed.

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