Beyonce’s Stylist Ty Hunter Recalls Her Epic Met Gala Moment: It Was an ‘Homage to Diana Ross’

Beyoncé’s beautician of north of 20 years, Ty Tracker, has many marvelous style minutes with the star to think back upon, yet one specifically stands apart to him: her showstopping 2014 Met Affair look. “It resembled [an] tribute to Diana Ross, which is my #1,” Tracker told Janine Rubenstein on Thursday’s episode of Individuals Consistently.

The brains behind so many of the vocalist’s paramount music video, honorary pathway and visit looks assembled the most common way of putting the Met Function group by Givenchy a “favoring in itself” — considering that many outfits “don’t get a fitting.”

Tracker, his then-partner Raquel Smith and Beyoncé herself all cooperated to consummate the loo, eventually arriving on the shocking, disco-roused outfit planned by Riccardo Tisci (during his time at Givenchy) that had a significant effect when the hotshot got out of the limo and onto those notorious steps. “He’s family and he simply gets it,” Tracker said of the architect.

The VIP beautician as of late required his long stretches of involvement from the stage to the page in his new journal, Makeover from The inside: Illustrations in Difficulty, Acknowledgment, and Self-Revelation, for which Beyoncé composed the foreword. Tracker says that it was a “favoring” for the “Corona” vocalist (who he said is “like my sister”) to compose the presentation for his book.

Billy Doorman, another design symbol Tracker works with, composed the afterword for Makeover from The inside (which additionally flaunts statements from Naomi Campbell, Kelly Osbourne and Jennifer Hudson, as well as different individuals from Fate’s Youngster).

Watchman and Tracker’s coordinated efforts have handled a large number of titles, and “I simply love him,” Tracker says.

Also, he adds, their times of involvement (Tracker is 50 and the Posture entertainer is 53) show that “it gets more prominent later.”

“I simply respect him being more established regardless over here with the children, showing the children what time it is,” he said with a giggle of Watchman’s telling honorary pathway presence.

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