Billie Eilish Says She ‘Didn’t Feel Sexy for One Second’ as a Blonde

Billie Eilish didn’t have some good times as a blonde. Subsequent to evaluating a dyed look last year, the Grammy Grant champ, 20, made sense of during a new meeting with Highsnobiety that “individuals totally changed their disposition” around her when she was blonde. “I feel hotter when I dress manly.

I didn’t feel provocative briefly of being blonde,” Eilish made sense of. “At the point when I was blonde, individuals treated me in an unexpected way.”

She likewise focused on what provoked the change in her stylish subsequent to fostering a mark look that comprised of hazier garments, sometimes beautiful hair and a manly style.

“Individuals saw me as this 15-year-old, a youngster, who wore this sort of stuff, looked this sort of way, acted this sort of way, said this sort of way.

I felt like I was unable to change. That is the reason I went such a long ways to the opposite side. I was attempting to demonstrate, ‘Hello, f — you all, I can do anything I desire,’ ” Eilish said.

“Presently I can look truly manly in the event that I need, and truly ladylike assuming that I need, and it won’t be a f — ing title,” she proceeded.

“It isn’t so much that you wear a certain something, and that is your recent trend — you f — ing continue to wear a lot of s — .” Eilish appeared her blondie locks keep going Walk via virtual entertainment. “Did you surmise accurately?” she composed on Instagram at the time subsequent to requesting that her fans think about what her next hair tone would be.

The “Miscreant” craftsman commended the hair change with an English Vogue dream boat style cover shoot, notwithstanding the workmanship for her second studio collection More joyful Than any time in recent memory. By December, Eilish went dim once more, prodding her brunette beats on her Instagram Story, stating, “Think about what.”

She followed it up with the full ‘do, subtitling the post: “Miss me?”

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