Bobby Shmurda Responds To Man Claiming They Were In Bed, Blames Label

Bobby Shmurda is responding to charges made by a man who guaranteed he was in a video with the New York rapper. The MC fans are requesting a reaction from him after he posted a video lying in bed with two people covered under the sheets with him. Bobby Shmurda had at first posted the video on his Instagram account as he advanced his “Hoochie Daddy” track. In the track, Bobby has his hands around the two people.

One of them is totally covered, while another has his hair and some portion of his temple appearing. While smoking a dull, Bobby says, “I realize I said I was seeking a path toward recovery however come on you kno I was simply bull****ingggg man,” as he snickers. On Wednesday, a man who distinguished himself as a LGBTQ part guaranteed that he was in the video with Bobby.

Sharing the video on his Facebook page under a similar name, he stated, “I’m distraught bashful however Bobby loves meee.” The video has been enjoyed multiple times and has been shared commonly. In the remarks, the man, Raza, says that the individual whose temple is showing is him after a devotee question his hairline to that of the individual in the video.

“That truly looks like a monitors hairline,” a devotee kept in touch with which Raza answered, “duh it’s mine.” It’s muddled in the event that Raza is coming clean. Bobby Shmurda tended to the post on Friday, despite the fact that he didn’t verify or refute whether he was sleeping with men.

“That is the reason you all actually broke after so long you invest your energy on bull**** and cap to encourage you all… tap into the real world. go get you some Shmoney #viralpost,” he inscribed a photograph with illustrations that read, “when the disdain don’t work they begin lying.” Shmurda likewise indicated that his previous name could be behind the “viral post” to attack him.

“I’m actually that frightening… ay they attempting to f*** up my visit… cuz I’m not with them any longer and I’m taking they craftsman on visit like they attempt harm my EP bring down my sound all somewhat insane geek sh** they don’t need it played no place They pay for they craftsman to get played at #reallife #trillers #bandit #bigmad #independentartist #slaveship #nogood,” he wrote in a subtitle.


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He likewise posted a proclamation in a screen capture from his Notes application. “Visit is coming and names generally showed me how they control and work any story they need and control medias to a degree. How much the bots cost you all. I simply make 200K last week. I’m attempting to get some sh** cus you all odee yang s***ing I can’t blast the web so have a great time,” he composed.

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