Boston Prepares to Welcome Kate Middleton and Prince William for the Earthshot Prize Awards

Boston is getting ready for Kate Middleton and Prince William! The Earthshot Prize, created by the Prince of Wales to find and develop the solutions that will repair the planet, will head to Boston for its second annual awards ceremony on Dec. 2 — and the city is already buzzing. After announcing that the occasion will be held at the MGM Music Hall, right close to Boston Red Sox’s home at Fenway Park, the organization shared photographs of advertisements promoting the Earthshot Prize with the famous baseball stadium featured prominently in the background.

After already announcing that the second Earthshot Prize awards ceremony would be taking place in the US, Prince William revealed they are heading to the city of Boston back in July — fittingly, on the 53rd anniversary of the moon landing. Inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s famed 10-year goal of landing on the moon (known as Moonshot), the Earthshot Prize aims to elevate impactful approaches to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Kate and Prince William, both 40, will also celebrate the “inspiring” city for their work on addressing the impacts of climate change and building a versatile future during their visit to Massachusetts, they said in a past statement. Prince William and Princess Kate have made past visits to the U.S., however their excursion to Boston will mark their first since 2014 when they invested energy in New York.  The royal couple’s most memorable visit to the U.S. together was to Los Angeles not long after their royal wedding in 2011.

The 15 finalists for the Earthshot Prize awards were announced last week. The five winners — chose by the Earthshot Prize Board, comprised of individuals including Prince William, Sovereign Rania of Jordan, Cate Blanchett, Sir David Attenborough, Indra Nooyi, Jack Ma and more — will get $1 million grants to scale and accelerate their undertaking’s goals, in addition to help from the Earthshot network along the way.

In a statement shared with Individuals, Prince William said, “The innovators, leaders, and visionaries that make up our 2022 Earthshot Finalists demonstrate there are many reasons to be optimistic about the eventual fate of our planet. They are directing their time, energy, and talent towards intense solutions with the capacity to address our planet’s greatest environmental challenges, however to create healthier, more prosperous, and more sustainable networks for generations to come.”

“I am so eager to celebrate these fifteen Finalists and see the five Winners of The Earthshot Prize announced in Boston – the old neighborhood of President John F. Kennedy, who shared The Earthshot Prize’s conviction that seemingly inconceivable goals are within reach assuming we only harness the boundless force of innovation, human ingenuity, and pressing optimism,” he added.

Hannah Jones, Chief of the Earthshot Prize, recently let Individuals know that Prince William is more impassioned than any other time about the second awards cycle.

“The Prince only at any point gets more ambitious for change and impact,” Jones said. “It’s absolutely fantastic.”

“He’s really dedicated to this vision, that we ought to track down amazing solutions, spotlighting them, awarding some. Think of us as a catalyst for change,” she added. “How would we connect to our innovators, with potential allies? How would we story-tell with the goal that we bring the finalists’ accounts to the world? Because they’re amazing. They’re on a hero’s journey.”

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