Boyfriend of American Woman Found Dead in Mexico City Airbnb Shares Final, Fearful Messages: ‘I’m Shaking’

The beau of an American woman who died inside an Airbnb in Mexico City, where she was vacationing with companions to celebrate the Day of the Dead, has focused on their final conversation.

Victor Day, 30, began receiving instant messages from his sweetheart, Kandace Florence, 28, early Sunday morning at about 2 a.m., he told Individuals in an interview on Wednesday.

“Everything was great. She recently said that they were out, they were drinking, everything was fine,” he said.

Day said he saw on his sweetheart’s Instagram stories that she was out at what appeared to be a rooftop bar with individual travelers Jordan Marshall, 28, and Courtez Hall, 33.

They appeared to drink wine, encompassed by plants as the Mexico City skyline shone in the background.

Hours later, the three companions from Virginia Beach were found dead of thought gas poisoning in an Airbnb they’d leased in the La Rosita neighborhood of the Mexican capital.

Mexico City authorities told Spanish-language paper El País they’ve opened an investigation into the incident and that they accept the American visitors died of “carbon monoxide poisoning.”

A rep for Airbnb didn’t immediately respond to Individuals’ solicitation for a remark.

In an instant message sent about two hours after she indicated that everything was fine, Day let Individuals know that Florence said she was “drained” and feeling extremely emotional.

“I keep in touch with her, ‘What’s wrong?’ and she says, ‘I’m simply not okay. I wanna return home,’” Day said.

“And I keep in touch with her, ‘You’re not enjoying it. What’s wrong however?’ She says, ‘I feel tranquilized.’ And I say, ‘Where’s Jordan? Are you home or out?’”

Florence said she had quite recently gotten back to the Airbnb, Day continued. Although she let him know that she hadn’t taken any medications, she said that because of the side effects she was experiencing, “I feel like I took Molly,” a reference to the medication ecstasy. “I’m literally in pain,” Florence said, according to Day. “I’m like, shaking.”

Day asked in the event that it was conceivable someone slipped something into her drink while she was out with Marshall and Hall, warning her, “On the off chance that you didn’t watch your drink the entire time, you may have gotten sedated.” “Her last text to me was, ‘I wasn’t complacent,’” Day said of the text he got at 4:47 a.m.

“Three minutes later, she FaceTimes me,” he continued. “And that’s the point at which I clearly see she’s vomiting. She’s been crying.

I mean her entire face was wet, crying or vomiting or maybe she splashed water on her face.”

Day said the conversation continued before he snoozed off for “probably about five, 10 minutes.” When he awakened, their phones were as yet connected.

“Be that as it may, presently the phone screen is completely dark as assuming she put the phone down or the phone fell. Be that as it may, the camera side is facing the ground,” he told Individuals.

“So I don’t see anything. Be that as it may, I could hear something going on in the background and I put the phone to my ear, and it seems like her vomiting or dry heaving, or both.”

Day said he recalled telling himself, “Everything’s going to be okay.” He accepted on the off chance that she’d been tranquilized, throwing up and sleeping it off would help.

“She’ll fall asleep. She’ll wake up the following morning and she’ll fill me in regarding what might have happened,” he thought. “And so that to me is what eats me up.

Because knowing that I might have helped somewhat more, knowing that at that point I probably might have called the police. I might have done something yet instead I fell asleep.”

The following morning, Day checked in with Florence via text. “How are you feeling? Is everything okay?” he composed.

“About 30, 45 minutes pass, I don’t get anything. And I started to think, I was like, All things considered, it seemed as she had an evening. She’s probably oversleeping.”

After another hour passed, he said he started to stress. “There was something wrong with something,” he recalled thinking.

“And then that’s the point at which it clicked,” Day added. Florence had shown him the Airbnb listing a month before her outing with Marshall and Hall, so he utilized it to contact the host.

“Something is horribly wrong. I want someone to keep an eye on the apartment,” he said he kept in touch with the host through the site.

“And we go this way and that for a tad and eventually she tells me, okay, she’s sending her security into the apartment.”

Day said that 10 minutes later the host composed back, “saying that they saw as all three of them in the apartment unresponsive without vital signs” and that crisis administrations were contacted.

On Monday morning, Day heard from the host again. “She lets me know that they were all pronounced deceased,” he said.

“I would not really accept that that they were dead. It appeared to be so surreal, it didn’t feel real,” he said.

“And so I began to ask her, I’m like, ‘Did the police isn’t that right? Did y’all, did they attempt in Mexico to save their lives?’ And she assured me.

She was like, ‘Goodness, obviously. Obviously, they attempted. And unfortunately it’s simply, it’s past the point of no return. They’ve all passed.’”
Day said he was certain the Airbnb listing said the rental had carbon monoxide locators yet wondered on the off chance that they were not working.

Florence, who might have turned 29 Thursday, should head to D.C. to celebrate her birthday with him, according to Day, who is presently planning to visit Virginia Beach to be with others who cherished her. “It’s extreme,” he said. “Be that as it may, I realize Kandace is looking down and trying to give me the strength.”

Florence was the proprietor of a company called Glo Through It, which makes candles with inspirational messages. The Make(HER) Aggregate — a gathering of local ladies makers and business proprietors from the Hampton Roads area — is presently seeking donations via GoFundMe to establish The Kandace Florence Memorial Scholarship and help Florence’s family with funeral costs.

“We can’t imagine our local area without her, and we realize the world had big things available for her,” the gathering said.

“In any case, not because she was given it — because she turned out enthusiastically for it. While actually prioritizing confidence, rest, tomfoolery, and family.”

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