Briana’s Dad May Be Back in Her Life on ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’

As of now, there’s very little that High schooler Mother fans have hardly any familiarity with the stars of the establishment. But, since Briana DeJesus discusses her introduction to the world dad in the Sept. 20 episode of Youngster Mother: The Following Section, many might be interested about who Briana’s father is. That is presumably in light of the fact that, beyond Briana’s close family members, there isn’t tremendously been aware of any other person.

Up to this point, Briana’s biggest storylines have involved show with other cast individuals. She just won a criticism claim against previous High schooler Mother star Kailyn Lowry. Also, well before that, Briana’s relationship with Kailyn’s ex caused a quick issue between the two ladies. However, now that that is all behind her, Briana at long last has another, more significant, storyline.

Who is Briana’s father on ‘Youngster Mother: The Following Section’? As of recently, Briana accepted that she imparted a dad to her sister, Brittany DeJesus. Brittany, alongside their mom Roxanne DeJesus, are a big piece of High schooler Mother: The Following Section alongside Briana. At the point when Briana found out about the privileged bit of information, she and Brittany additionally discovered that Brittany’s introduction to the world dad died when the two ladies were exceptionally youthful.

Presently, in the Sept. 20 episode of Youngster Mother: The Following Part, Briana uncovers intends to search out her introduction to the world father to interface with him and that side of the family. But, since Briana herself has close to zero insight into her father, it’s difficult to say what his identity is or on the other hand if he even has any desire to be found. Furthermore, Briana could come up short when she contacts him for a get-together.

In Walk 2022, Briana uncovered in her Instagram Stories that, at that point, she contacted her dad to attempt to deal with their cracked relationship. She shared that she was “essentially killed” and that her dad was abruptly “inaccessible” to see her. It seems like she has a shift in perspective in regards to her father in Season 1 of The Following Section, in any case.

Briana has a relative as well. Not long after Briana found out about her genuine father, she likewise scholarly she has a relative named Kevin. Dissimilar to Briana’s relationship with her father, she is still in touch with her brother. As a matter of fact, she told The Sun in 2021, at that point, she and her brother routinely messaged and her mother invited Kevin and his family into theirs.

While Briana might not have a relationship with her father on or off Youngster Mother: The Following Part, she is by all accounts open to making things work with other far off relatives. Furthermore, that unquestionably means something. Watch High schooler Mother: The Following Section on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.