Cage the Elephant’s Matt Schultz Arrested in New York, Charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon

Confine the Elephant lead vocalist Matt Schultz was captured in New York City on Thursday and accused of criminal ownership of a weapon, the New York Police Division affirmed to Individuals.

A worker at the Bowery Inn on Manhattan’s Lower East Side called the police after they purportedly saw Schultz, 39, conveying a handgun into a public bathroom on the ground floor on Wednesday night, as indicated by the Everyday Mail. Police say they answered a day after the fact and thumped on Schultz’s entryway.

He supposedly confessed to police to possessing two .45 type firearms, yet when inquired as to whether he actually had the weapons, he answered that he didn’t have the foggiest idea, per the distribution. The NYPD says he was then captured and taken to the ninth area station house.

An adjudicator conceded police a court order to go into his room where police say they found two stacked firearms, a Sig Sauer and a Smith and Wesson, as indicated by the Everyday Mail.

There are clashing media reports about whether Schultz had a gun permit for the firearms. The Day to day Mail revealed that Schultz didn’t have one, while ET Canada claims he did.

Schultz’s reps have not yet answered Individuals’ solicitation for input. The “Ain’t No Rest for the Evil” vocalist had supposedly gone out momentarily on Friday to get drug from Bellevue Emergency clinic prior to returning a couple of hours after the fact. Schultz had no earlier criminal history before his capture on Thursday.

Musical gang Enclosure the Elephant was framed in 2006 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Schultz recently worked at a sandwich bar and as a handyman prior to joining the band.

The band made business and basic progress as their sophomore collection Thank You Blissful Birthday appeared at No. 2 on the Board 200 and their 2015 studio collection, Let me know I’m Pretty, procured a Grammy grant for best stone collection. They additionally won one more Grammy for best stone collection for their 2019 collection Meaningful gestures. The band is booked to act in Toronto, Canada on Aug. 2 and at the Festivent in Quebec, Canada two days after the fact. It is obscure yet assuming that Schultz’s capture will influence these event dates.

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