Caretaker of Missing Oklahoma Girl, 4, Arrested as Search Continues for Child

The quest for a missing 4-year-old in Oklahoma go on as specialists captured her guardian on Thursday.

Specialists decided Athena Brownfield was absent after a postal transporter found her 5-year-old sister meandering close to her Cyril, Oklahoma, home on Tuesday.

The postal transporter advised police subsequent to tracking down the kid.

The Oklahoma State Department of Examination (OSBI) captured Alysia Adams, 31, on Thursday on two counts of youngster disregard, as per a post shared to Facebook.

The counts originate from Athena’s vanishing and her sister’s short vanishing from the home while they were in Adams’ and her better half’s consideration. Specialists didn’t reveal whether Adams is the kids’ mom. On Wednesday, the Oklahoma Parkway Watch gave an absent and jeopardized individual caution to individuals in a 15-mile sweep of Cyril, as per ABC News.

The OSBI said they are following each tip they get, which are rolling in from Oklahoma and different states.

With an end goal to track down signs regarding Athena’s whereabouts, the rubbish administration in Cyril is suspended. Cyril is situated around 70 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.

Agents have directed network look and requested that local area individuals scan inside their properties for Athena.

Specialists have likewise looked for the young lady from a higher place and in streams without any result, per ABC News.

They additionally requested that occupants divert in any accounts from Ring cameras that could hold hints regarding the kid’s whereabouts.

Examiners are currently evaluating observation video from around Cyril to check whether they can find whatever other proof that could pinpoint the youngster’s area.

With respect to whether Athena could be in harm’s way, OSBI representative Creek Arbeitman said on Wednesday that “there’s nothing to show that other than she’s a small kid and she’s missing.

She’s on her own in the components. Is that at serious risk? Better believe it. However, would she say she is a casualty of actual mischief? That is not really set in stone.”

Anybody with data on her location is approached to contact the Oklahoma State Agency of Examination at 800-522-8017 or

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