CBS 48 Hours: What happened to Laura Smither, Kelli Cox, Tiffany Johnson, and Jessica Cain?

In 1997, Laura Smither, Kelli Cox, Tiffany Johnston, and Jessica Cain disappeared and were consequently tracked down dead over a range of a couple of months.

As indicated by reports, the casualties were gone after by a chronic executioner named William Reece. He chased little kids and youngsters nearby for five long months that year, leaving a path of dead bodies and unnerved individuals afterward.

Specialists were simply ready to interface the four killings after a fifth casualty – a survivor – had the option to assist with recognizing him.

CBS 48 Hours returns to the wrongdoings of chronic executioner William Reece in episode named The Little girls Vanished. The authority summary of the episode states:

“In 1997 four families are broken when their little girls disappear. As they lament, one man professes to have replies. Could he at any point be trusted?”Laura Smither and three others turned into the survivors of chronic executioner William Reece in 1997

Laura Smither, then, at that point, 12 years of age, left her home in Friendswood, Texas, from the get-go April 3, 1997, to go running, yet never returned. 6,000 individuals partook in the quest for the aggressive artist, who was found dead almost 17 days after the fact in the Pasadena lake, which is a couple of miles from her home.

On May 17, one month after the assault on Laura Smither, 19-year-old Sandra Sapaugh, was venturing out to see a companion when she recognized a man in a white get truck in Webster, Texas. As she halted before a store, Sandra saw she had a punctured tire, and the transporter who followed her elected to help. Be that as it may, he attacked her and attempted to grab her.

Supernaturally, Sandra figured out how to get away and hopped from the quickly moving vehicle onto Highway 45, causing serious wounds simultaneously. She survived the ordeal and had the option to give specialists a portrayal of her assailant.

Around two months after the fact, on July 15, Kelli Cox, 20, a criminal science understudy, and her colleagues had recently gotten back from a visit to a Denton jail. The single parent dialed her beau’s number from a carport to report having locked her keys inside the vehicle. Notwithstanding, she was at no point ever heard from in the future.

Only 11 days after the fact, a vehicle having a place with Tiffany Johnston, a 19-year-old love bird, was found deserted at a vehicle wash in Bethany, Oklahoma. The following day, her body was situated on a back road near Highway 45. She was beaten, choked, and exposed to s*xual misuse.

17-year-old Jessica Cain of Tiki Island, Texas, went out to supper with her companions on August 17 to remember her exhibition in a school melodic. Afterward, her vehicle was found deserted on Highway 45, after which a missing report was recorded.

Examiners made a critical disclosure, despite the fact that they couldn’t interface the five cases. Sandra, the survivor who hopped from her assailant’s truck, perceived a face in a progression of photographs and, while being entranced, was likewise ready to get the tag number. The guilty party was quickly perceived as Oklahoma local William Reece.

William Reece was sentenced in the killings of Laura Smither, Kelli Cox, Tiffany Johnson, and Jessica Cain after many years

William Reece began assisting with the examinations concerning different killings in 2016 while serving a 60-year prison term for the 1998 Texas seizing of Sandra Sapaugh. He then, at that point, got a capital punishment in 2021 for the homicide of Tiffany Johnson in Oklahoma City in 1997.

At long last, in June 2022, Reece, 62, conceded to the 1997 perplexing killings of Laura Smither, Jessica Cain, and Kelli Cox and was given a lifelong incarceration in every one of the three occurrences. Nonetheless, at that point, the chronic executioner was at that point confronting capital punishment in Oklahoma.