Chichi Gives Daniella And Phyna A Seat At The Finale

Chichi’s Head of House triumph accompanied the chance to Save and tie down a pass to the Finale for Daniella and Phyna. House Pioneer Chichi succeeded in a see-saw game and was named Head of House this week.

Her triumph procured her a programmed capability for the Finale as well as the potential chance to utilize this Season’s most memorable Incomparable Denial Ability to Save and get a seat at the Finale for Daniella and Phyna, while Adekunle, Bella, Bryann, Sweet, Hermes, and Sheggz seek your votes to come to the Finale.

In view of the Preeminent Denial Power, designations went in a new direction.

Rather than talking with Big Brother, the Housemates were given 20 minutes to set up a pitch to HoH Chichi.

Each pitch was just 90 seconds in length. Instead of pitching, a few Housemates encouraged Chichi to settle on her choice carefully as opposed to inwardly.

Others endeavored to deeply inspire Chichi by communicating their total help for her as their new chief.

Daniella, then again, conveyed a close to home and thoroughly examined contribute which she observed Chichi and requested that she “add some sparkle” to her week since she had to deal with a ton.  Phyna, who had recently saved Chichi and supplanted her with Allysyn, entertained Chichi with acclaims and closed, “with affection in your heart, and in mine, I’m your client.”

Chichi chose to reimburse Phyna’s benevolence by saving her too, bringing another sister, Daniella, in with the general mish-mash.

In a meeting with Bryann, the spic and span Head of House uncovered that she was dazzled with Adekunle’s pitch and would have saved him and Hermes assuming she had the open door.