”Chomzy Your Bobo’s Mom Is Rich Oh”-Reactions Trail Eloswag’s Reunion With Mother

The contacting get-together between removed BBNaija season 7 part Eloswag and his mom ignited a rush of remarks.

Review that Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag had remained an extra week in the wake of being ousted on September 11; they were, notwithstanding, booted out seven days after the fact.

The truth star met his young, snappy mother whenever he had left Biggie’s home.

An energized Eloswag raised his mom up, twirled her around, and put a kiss on her cheek in a viral video that caught the occasion.

Responses have followed the video;

apinkiess expressed: “Omo mother or sweetheart? God I don’t want to be a repairman I want to be a hotshot”

manarisia_1 expressed: “Jeez the mother get cash goodness, Chomzy your bobos mother is rich gracious”

chidinmauzoma_ expressed: “Hot mothers this season no be here, bryann’s mother, sweet’s mother hot ladies here and ther”

Elsewhere in the world, veteran entertainer Kate Henshaw examines the graduation of political pioneer’s kids from unfamiliar colleges.

The entertainer utilized her Twitter record to suggest that assuming offspring of political pioneers were going to class in Nigeria, colleges in the country would be shut, in any event, for a day.

The activity fan unequivocally encouraged the general population to ensure they cast informed polling forms in the following races.

Government colleges the country over have been protesting for a considerable length of time, seemingly forever, as is currently well known.

Aisha Buhari, the primary woman of Nigeria, got reaction after it was accounted for that she had praised her girl in-graduation regulation’s from a UK foundation.

She said:

“Assuming their kids were tutoring here, do you figure the Colleges will be closed for even one day?? Rather they focus on it your appearances that they don’t mind while they celebrate with joy the graduation of their kids in the abroad. VOTE Carefully!!”