Chris Evans, PEOPLE’s 2022 Sexiest Man Alive, Shares His ‘Sexy’ Midterms Message

Chris Evans, Individuals’ recently named Hottest Man Alive, is now giving the title something to do — and his hero change self image, Skipper America, would be glad.

In a video imparted on The Late Show to Stephen Colbert on Monday night, the star is asked by Individuals’ 2016 Hottest Man Alive, Dwayne “The Stone” Johnson, to “offer something provocative.” Accordingly, Evans focuses to the camera in Commander America style and proclaims, “Go vote tomorrow.”

The Stone, who co-stars with Evans in the impending Christmas film Red One, then answers, “That is attractive!”

The midterm decisions on Tuesday will decide key races in the Senate, the House, state councils and that’s just the beginning. In 2020, Evans sent off the bipartisan governmental issues website A Beginning stage, telling Individuals the thought came from his own dissatisfaction at not having the option to view as solid, truth based data online about essential political subjects and strategies.

“It isn’t so much that I’m explicitly attracted to legislative issues. It’s the point at which you glance around, you attempt to sort out what might you do,” said the entertainer, 41.

Alluding to his Chief America job in the blockbuster Justice fighters films, he added, “There’s a great deal of things you can do as an entertainer with your name.

I could be making liquor — I don’t deter anybody from doing that, I love alcohol — however there’s no rejecting that I played a specific person, and it just so ends up lining up with a piece of my temperament as far as being somebody who is politically involved and who thinks often about the prosperity of individuals in this country.”

He likewise imparted his considerations about metro commitment to Quick Organization in 2020.

“We live in a nation of 300 million or more individuals, I think generally just 60% individuals casted a ballot [in the last election],” he said.

“As I would like to think, you will struggle with making an administration that precisely reflects our identity as a country with such numbers.”

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