Cleen Rock One is Married to Wife: Megan Jean Morris.

James Steinke, prevalently known as Cleen Rock One, is a renowned American tattoo craftsman from Illinois. Clean Stone was first drawn to tattoos when he was just 12.

He in the end got one of his own at 16 years old. He never set off for college as he was more keen on beginning his tattoo industry.

Sufficiently fortunate, he opened his most memorable tattoo shop in Illinois. Right now, he has opened his second shop in Las Vegas. He additionally has web-based entertainment accounts where he presents his work of art on the general population.

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Cleen Rock One is Hitched to Spouse: Megan Jean Morris. Megan Jean Morris is a popular tattoo craftsman and is ordinarily known as the ex of Cleen Rock One. Cleen Rock One’s better half was born on the nineteenth of February 1982 in Maine, US of America. Taking a gander at her instructive foundation, she moved on from Syracuse College with a four year certification in Modern Plan. As to occupation, she is the sole proprietor of Painted Soul Tattoos, a tattoo parlor she opened in Connecticut. As of now, the parlor has been renamed Dark Ax Tattoo Co. A fascinating truth is that she fell head over heels for tattoos since she was in pre-school.

Megan has additionally been highlighted in well known magazines and shows like Inked Magazine and Tattoo Titans. Before she met Cleen Rock, Megan wedded the late Taber Brewster Hammond.

Tragically, their marriage didn’t work out, and the two of them chose to get a separation.

Her relationship with Cleen Rock Cleen Rock One’s significant other, Megan Jean Morris, and Cleen Rock initially met when they were highlighted in the show Ink Expert as contenders. They got to know one another for a month before at long last dating. Nonetheless, their relationship didn’t keep going extremely lengthy. Starting around 2022, Cleen Rock is single and not in that frame of mind with anybody. Though Megan continued on and began dating Steve Tarr.

A gander at Cleen Rock’s Previous Connections Before Cleen Rock-met Megan Jean Morris, he was locked in and hitched. He has never revealed any insights about his previous spouse as he gets a kick out of the chance to keep his dating and relationship life hidden and away from the public’s eyes. The two initially met in 2002, after which they dated for quite a long time before they at last chose to get hitched in the year 2004. During their marriage, they were sufficiently lucky to be honored with two children. Sadly, their marriage didn’t keep going long, and they petitioned for a separation in 2007. It has been claimed that the motivation behind why they got separated was because of Cleen Rock’s betrayal in their marriage. Consistent with that reality, Cleen Rock’s past Instagram account had pictures of different ladies who were thought to be stealthily associations with him. After their separation, Megan went to live with their youngsters, yet Cleen Rock keeps in touch and a steady relationship with them.

As per his Instagram posts, his most established child turned eighteen on the 28th of Spring this year.

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