Cong, BJP use QR code posters to blame each other in K’taka

Bengaluru, Sep 21 (IANS) The decision BJP and the Resistance Congress in Karnataka have started a conflict of QR code banners to exchange defilement accusations against one another.

Resistance Congress accompanied the thought first by delivering ‘PayCM’ banners to which the BJP later answered with QR code banners containing Resistance pioneer Siddaramaiah and State Congress President D.K. Shivakumar on Wednesday.

The ‘PayCM’ banner delivered by the Resistance Congress has a picture of the Central Priest Basavaraj Bommai in the banner, in the event that examined it will prompt site. The banners which had come up in different areas have seriously humiliated Boss Priest Basavaraj Bommai and administering BJP.

The specialists have squeezed the administrations of BBMP work force to remove the banners from walls, foundations in Bengaluru. BJP MLC M Ravikumar expressed “Congress pioneers have set up our CM to do crusades, they ought to make their installments to Rahul Gandhi.”

“Siddaramaiah requires a watch (alluding to the Hublet watch outrage), and allows them to pay him. Previous Speaker Ramesh Kumar has openly expressed they have amassed abundance for four ages, let them pay him. While censuring the CM, there ought to be nobility,” MLC Ravikumar said.

Priyank Kharge, Congress MLA and Media in-control, expressed that ‘PayCM’ crusade isn’t private. Whatever is being examined at the public space is being taken okay with crusading, he kept up with.

The banner purportedly delivered by BJP containing the photographs of Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar requests that individuals check the QR Code for removing both from the state for stealing from the state and annihilating the framework. It likewise depicts at the base that both are examining how to obliterate the state, how to spread lies and upset harmony.

In the interim, Bommai has requested a report on banners which have out of nowhere come up from the Home division.