Dancer Korra Obidi Replies Fans Asking Her Where Her Husband Is

Nigerian dance sovereign, Korra Obidi has as of late tended to the individuals who continually ask her where her significant other is. The extraordinary mother of two who appear to be drained and bothered with the inquiry, took to her Tiktok page to impart a video to a reaction to these “meddlesome” fans.

She made it clear to those individuals who continue to ask her where her significant other is to just mind their business as it doesn’t concern them and she’s not committed to offer them any response.

Review that Korra and her alienated spouse, Justin Dean headed out in a different direction in March this year, seven days after they had quite recently invited their subsequent kid, Athena Dean. It was very much like a fantasy when the power couple split ways after such a wonderful romantic tale and two exquisite children.

As of recently, fans are as yet finding it hard to accept the two are truly finished with their marriage. The two of them even appear to have continued on with their individual own personal business and show up significantly more joyful. Nobody really knows whether this is simply to show each other they can manage without themselves or then again assuming they’ve genuinely discovered an authentic sense of reconciliation being away from one another.

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