Dateline: Secrets Uncovered – How did the police solve the Cathy Torrez murder after more than 10 years?

Dateline: Mysteries Uncovered narratives the many years old cutting passing of 20-year-old California State Fullerton College understudy Cathy Torrez, whose body was found in the storage compartment of her vehicle seven days after she disappeared in February 1994.

The forthcoming episode, named The Commitment, is planned to re-air on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at 7 pm ET on Oxygen. The abstract of the episode peruses:

“At the point when Cathy Torrez never returns home after work, her family fears the most awful; a serious pursuit closes after her vehicle is found, with her body in the storage compartment; it require a long time to get to reality.”
It took criminal investigators north of twenty years to bring the executioner, an on-and-off sweetheart named Sam Lopez, to equity alongside his cousin Xavier Lopez who assisted him with discarding Cathy’s body and disguise the homicide. Analysts utilized DNA on the casualty’s garments to associate the two people to the homicide, considering that they were each other’s justifications.

Placentia inhabitant Cathy Torrez’s homicide case was addressed following twenty years utilizing DNA progressions

On February 12, 1994, Cathy Torrez, who worked at a neighborhood pharmacy in Placentia, California, neglected to get back after her shift. Days after the fact, the 20-year-old’s dead body was tracked down in the storage compartment of her vehicle. An examination uncovered that Cathy was wounded no less than multiple times on her head, face, and upper middle and supported deadly slits to her neck and wrists.

Notwithstanding beginning doubts about her then-beau, Sam Lopez, who apparently had serious areas of strength for an and guaranteed that he was with his cousin Xavier Lopez the evening of the homicide, a large number of the casualty’s colleagues let specialists know that she had plans to meet him that evening after the shift. Cops thought that he was maybe lying about his whereabouts however had no proof to demonstrate something similar.

As indicated by reports, the legal sciences group tracked down fingerprints after analyzing the casualty’s vehicle. Despite the fact that there were no matches at that point, by 1997, specialists had the option to charge Xavier Lopez, Sam’s cousin, with murder. The charges were ultimately dropped because of deficient proof, and the case went cold for a really long time. In any case, analysts monitored Sam and Xavier after that.

After several years, criminal investigators re-opened Cathy Torrez’s inexplicable case. In 2007, utilizing progressed DNA innovation, it was affirmed that Xavier Lopez’s DNA was tracked down on the casualty’s garments. Both Sam and his cousin Xavier were captured and accused of homicide, with the previous moving to preliminary. It was affirmed that he cut Cathy multiple times and afterward, utilizing his cousin’s assistance, discarded the body.

Cathy Torrez’s beau, Sam Lopez, wounded her more than once prior to discarding the body with his cousin’s assistance

It was claimed that Sam Lopez and Xavier met Torrez in the parking area of a Baskin Robbins, from where the three headed to a better place. At a certain point, Sam and Cathy got into a contention when the previous went after the last option, wounding her more than once in the head, face, and middle. He then, at that point, with the assistance of his cousin, put her in the vehicle trunk while she was as yet alive and cut her throat and wrists.

In 2015, Sam Lopez, 43, was viewed as at legitimate fault for one crime count of homicide and a condemning upgrade for the individual utilization of a deadly weapon. He was condemned to 26 years to life in jail, while Xavier Lopez conceded and was allowed a four-year and eight-month jail sentence. Sam’s more seasoned brother Armando was likewise charged in the Cathy Torrez murder case.

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