David Harbour Says He Was Asked to Audition for Madonna’s Film Because She Thinks He’s ‘Sexy’

With regards to tryouts, one specifically stands out for entertainer David Harbor. While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday to advance his new movie Brutal Evening, the More abnormal Things entertainer reviewed one of the most remarkable tryout encounters of his life: for 2011’s W.E., coordinated by Madonna.

“It was something insane,” the 47-year-old entertainer told have Jimmy Kimmel. “It was a genuine shroud and-blade kind of involvement.” “I got a call from a projecting chief that I knew very well saying they’re assembling a highly confidential film read through, yet you simply need to appear at the St. Regis and go here, and all will be uncovered,” he reviewed.

“Also, I was like, ‘This is very bizarre and unpleasant.’ ” Asking for what reason he’d been approached to go to the tryout, the projecting chief was authentic.

He was informed that the anonymous chief had seen him in the 2008 film Progressive Street: “You have a simulated intercourse in it, and they thought you were hot.” Harbor was unimaginably inquisitive paving the way to the tryout. “Thus the entire end of the week, I was in a real sense contemplating Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese,” Harbor imparted to Kimmel, 55, with a laugh.

“I appear at the St. Regis, and I get in the room, and there’s a lot of other New York entertainers there, and in strolls Madonna, who’s coordinating this film.

The main thing that overflowed over me, I was like, ‘Goodness, Madonna believes I’m hot,’ ” he recollected.

The Dark Widow entertainer uncovered that the tryout was a “really nerve racking, energizing experience” since he had been squashing on the vocalist since seeing her “Open Your Heart” music video back in 1986 when he was 11. “So I’m right there, in this meeting room of the St. Regis, and everything comes flooding back,” he told Kimmel.

Notwithstanding Harbor, the film featured Abbie Cornish, Andrea Riseborough, and James D’Arcy. It didn’t excel in the cinematic world. “The film was not a dynamite film,” Harbor conceded.

Be that as it may, the experience prompted “perhaps of the coolest thing I’ve at any point finished” — go to Madonna’s birthday celebration.

“She came in, and she was in like this perfect, emerald dress. And afterward the party began, and she put on running pants, and they just turned Madonna music,” he reviewed.

“I hit the dance floor with Madonna to Madonna music. On my tombstone, that is all there is to it!”

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