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David Packouz- Biography

David Packouz is an entrepreneur, inventor, and former arms dealer, best known as the subject of the 2016 film “War Dogs.”

What is the Net Worth of David Packouz? Salary, Earnings

David Packouz’s net worth is unknown. Sources estimate his net worth to be over $1 million as of mid-2018, achieved from success in his many pursuits, with a large amount of money coming from military contracts he secured at a young age, which also landed him in trouble. It is projected that his wealth will expand as he continues his efforts.

David Packouz- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

David was born on February 16, 1982, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and was raised into a family of nine children; his father wrote the book “How to Prevent an Intermarriage.” While nothing is known about his education, he was a Licensed Massage Therapist before embarking on a career in the armaments trade. In 2005, he joined the armaments business AEY Inc, which was led by Efraim Diveroli, who was 19 at the time and David was 23.

The next year, the company quickly grew to prominence, winning up to 150 contracts valued at more than $10.5 million. However, in 2007, the business received a $300 million deal from the US government to supply the Afghan army with 100 million rounds of AK-47 ammunition, as well as aircraft rockets and millions of rounds for the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle. In order to fulfill their order, they had to obtain ammo from Albania using bullets made in China. However, this was a violation of their contract with the US Army, which specifically prohibited ammunition from China.

David Packouz- Relationship, Married Life

Packouz is reported to have a daughter, though facts about her and the mother to whom he appears to be married are kept out of the public eye. He also undertakes charity work on occasion through his company Singular Sound, which has formed a connection with the non-profit organization Guitars Over Guns. The program’s goal was to distribute Beat Buddy equipment to impoverished youth.

The AEY Controversy

This was not the first time AEY had failed to deliver on a contract. They had delivered potentially dangerous helmets to Iraq but had failed to provide the necessary 10,000 Beretta pistols. When the US government began reviewing their documentation, it was discovered that they had multiple previous contracts that had been revoked, terminated, canceled, or had late or low-quality deliveries. To avoid being barred from delivering ammunition to the US government, AEY attempted to repackage Chinese ammo, but when this was discovered, it was deemed fraudulent by the US government.

The matter would eventually lead to months of complications with the Department of Justice and the US Army, and it drew a lot of media attention, particularly given the age of the juvenile guns dealers. They were described as Miami Beach residents with a fondness for a reasonably opulent lifestyle that included marijuana, earning them nicknames like “stoned arms dealers.” The matter was eventually heard in court, and both Packouz and Diveroli pleaded guilty to one count of Conspiracy to Defraud the United States. Diveroli was sentenced to four years in prison in 2011, while Packouz was sentenced to house arrest for seven months.

War Dogs and the Aftermath

David would put his history as an arms dealer behind him and focus on inventing. He finally created the first of its kind, a guitar pedal-operated drum machine called the Beat Buddy and then founded the music technology business Singular Sound, of which he is the CEO.

In 2012, however, he was detained at Motel 82 in Naples, Florida, for reportedly agreeing to pay to have sex with a lady who was actually an undercover police officer. The AEY incident was transformed into a novel by Guy Lawson called “Arms and the Dudes” in 2015, which was later adapted into the film “War Dogs” the following year, starring Miles Teller as David and Jonah Hill as Efraim, who honestly didn’t want anything to do with it. Other cast members include Bradly Cooper and Ana de Armas, with David appearing as a cameo as a singer and guitarist in an old home. While the film is largely exaggerated and partly fictitious, it is based on their experiences with the Afghan National Army contract. The film received mixed reviews and grossed over $86 million, but Hill’s portrayal of Diveroli earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

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