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Devin Hester spouse Zingha Hester is an alum of the College of Miami. Devin and Zingha are guardians to three young men.

The return subject matter expert, Devin Hester and his accomplice Zingha have been hitched for a very long time. They had their wedding on July 2010. The school darlings turned guardians have consistently promised to be available in their kids’ lives as the football player needed to go through troublesome times when he saw his mother and father discrete.

However, troublesome youth didn’t prevent Hester from accomplishing NFL significance. The 40-year-old had a renowned lifetime with the Bears and was a four-time Genius Bowl champion.

No. 23, 17, 14
Position: Wide receiver
Return specialist
Personal information
Born: November 4, 1982 (age 40)
Riviera Beach, Florida, U.S.
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight: 190 lb (86 kg)

On January 5, 2023, it was declared that the Chicago Bears legend was named briefly time in succession for the Cutting edge Period Master Lobby of Notoriety list. Different finalists incorporate the Dolphins legend Zach Thomas and Foals legend Dwight Freeney. Devin Hester spouse Zingha Hester is a Florida local who has decided to be a homemaker.

Devin and Zingha began dating in 2005 preceding wedding five years after the fact in 2010.

Zingha Hester, age 39, was born on October 8, 1983. Since opening his Instagram handle in 2019, there is certainly not a solitary year that the NFL player hasn’t wished his soul mate her birthday.

Having met her at the College of Miami, Devin was with the Bears when he chose to turn into a family man with his school darling. He marked their tenth commemoration with a sweet recognition for Zingha on his Instagram handle.

The NFL legend shared a progression of heartfelt pictures as he wrote a short directive for his accomplice of a decade. In a meeting, Devin said he needed to turn into a good example for youthful dads out there and needed to change the view with which individuals checked out at NFL players.

The football player has satisfied his commitment, yet it could never have been conceivable without the help of his soul mate. From going to their youngsters’ school occasions together to going with her significant other in the entirety of his occasions, Zingha has consistently done her absolute best in both her jobs.

As of late the couple praised their most youthful child Denali riding the bicycle interestingly. However it could seem like something insignificant, for little Denali, it will be a deep rooted memory as he saw his folks giving a shout out to him together. Devin Hester has three children with one of them bound to turn into a NFL star.

The previous Chicago Bears player Hester and his soul mate Zingha are guardians to three children, Devin Jr, Cart and Denali. Devin had seen a large number of his companions constrained into playing the game by their folks when he was a youngster, and the NFL legend would have rather not rehashed similar slip-up with his kids.

1. Devin Hester Jr Devin Hester Jr, otherwise called D.J., is the most seasoned child of Devin and Zingha. Devin Jr, age 13, was born on November 9, 2009. Furthermore, the teen has proactively made it clear to his father that he would have rather not turned into a football player.

In the meeting with The Athletic, Devin said his most seasoned child wasn’t keen on sports, and it was totally reasonable for Devin. In 2019, D.J. was seen fishing with his family and, surprisingly, discovered a big fry during the excursion.

However, D.J. appeared to have tracked down interest in sports following a couple of months after that the Athletic meeting. Devin shared that his child had found an energy for olympic style events, which Devin’s dad ruled during his prime.

2. Cart Hester Cart Hester is a 10-year-old with the football scouts at his mercy. At the point when his more established brother would watch lion lord on his iPad, Cart would watch his father’s features on rehash.

Presently he has every one of the moves of his father remembered. Zingha said Cart adores his dad and is essentially as specific as his dad with respect to his headband and wristband.

Devin opened an Instagram handle for Cart, nicknamed Lower leg Menace, to post his game’s features. The clasps immediately became viral, and presently many are anticipating the day Cart makes his NFL debut.

3. Denali Hester Denali Hester, born on Walk 10, 2018, is the most youthful child of Devin and Zingha. Devin calls Denali his twin and shared a sweet recognition for him on his fourth birthday celebration.

Youthful Denali and his dad were available in the Mercedez Benz Arena as they watched the finals of the Peach Bowl game on January 1, 2023. He even saw his dad regarded by the chick-fil-A Lobby of Popularity board at the occasion.

Devin Hester Family
Devin Hester comes from a strict Christian family with a foundation in sports.

Devin Hester is the most youthful child of his folks Lenorris Hester Sr and Juanita Brown. Devin experienced childhood in Florida with his more seasoned brother Lenorris Hester Jr. Devin didn’t have the ideal youth yet sees himself as fortunate contrasted with many out there.

Devin lost his dad, Lenorris Hester, a previous track star, because of disease at 33. Lenorris had separated from Juanita when the football player was a little child. However, his stepfather Derrick Brown, never let Devin or Lenorris Jr fill the shortfall of a mentor in their lives.

One of the principal football players in their family, Lenorris Jr, was a wide beneficiary at Florida Global College. Sadly, his profession reached a sudden conclusion because of a serious pelvic physical issue in 2002.

In any case, the more established brother had done what’s needed to light the energy for the game in youthful Devin that saw him succeed in football as well as in scholastics. He later joined the College of Miami, where he turned into a promoted prospect for the NFL.

At Miami, Devin met his future accomplice, Zingha, and presently the pair are guardians to three children with every different interest. His center child, Cart, is now hoping to stroll in his dad’s strides and make his very own name in the footballing scene.

The one who holds the NFL record for most vocation return scores and is one of the most very much regarded players among associates and fans, Devin’s heritage isn’t under any danger whether he is cherished in the Genius Football Lobby of Notoriety.

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