Did Laney Chantal Have Kids?

Laney Chantal, a well known American cosmetics craftsman has died at 33 years old.

Laney Chantal is known to have showed up on SyFy Organization’s “Go head to head” unscripted TV drama.

Laney had worked with Boneyard FX, which had All inclusive Studios and others.

She is a studied at Film Cosmetics School in Los Angeles subsequent to graduating in 2007.

The group of Laney Chantel affirms the passing of their girl and mom.

As indicated by them, Laney died from a medication glut.

Laney’s folks say Laney was managing a great deal of mental pressure and was on endorsed drugs.

Laney Chantal Youngsters: Did Laney Chantal Have Children?

Laney Chantal might have been a mother however there is no data about her youngsters or youngster.

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