DigitalNex’s Girlfriend – Is He In A Relationship With Viridiana? Real Name And Net Worth

DigitalNex is involved with his better half, Viridiana.

The YouTuber is well known for his response recordings and has more than 1,000,000 supporters. In a new Instagram post, he expressed that they have been together for a long time and are as yet developing as a couple. It implies they met before 2014 and began dating later.

On November 29, 2009, the American video maker sent off his YouTube profession. More than 12 years, he has amassed a group of 1.09 million endorsers and 165 million perspectives on his channel.

DigitalNex’s Better half – Would he say he is Involved With Viridiana? DigitalNex is involved with his better half, Viridiana, for north of eight years.


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Two or three looks incredible together, and he has a few photos of his better half on Instagram. The pair have been dating for some time and seem prepared to take their relationship to a higher level. In spite of the way that there is no proof that the couple is hitched, Viridiana has expressed herself as a spouse and guardian of Digitalnex on her Instagram bio.

They as of late visited Disney together and seem to have loads of tomfoolery. The couple keeps on posting photographs of themselves together on both of their own Instagram accounts. They look exceptionally charming together and are revered by his fans and devotees. We desire to see them together again later on.

His adherents are frantically trusting that the couple will wed soon. Nonetheless, they have neither referenced anything nor indicated us. We will refresh you with additional data about the couple quickly.

SSSniperWolf, his kindred YouTuber, shocked DigitalNex and his better half (V) with a corgi little dog. Lia has a video blog about it on her channel, and DigitalNex has a few video blogs about the doggy. Viridiana has for a long time needed a corgi however just has Pomeranians, so Lia gave Corgi as a gift.

What Is DigitalNex’s Genuine Name And Total assets? DigitalNex’s genuine name is Chris Nex. he has a total assets of $1 million.

He is an American YouTuber who responds to odd recordings like my odd compulsion, mukbangs, abnormal fixations, etc. His channel is like SSSniperWolf in that they are both exceptionally dear companions and sporadically respond on one another’s channels.

He’s become notable for his We should Plays and gaming montages for Overwatch and Stupendous Burglary Auto. “Radiance Arrive at Machinima Hacking” is one of his most famous YouTube recordings, which has north of 30,000 perspectives.

DigitalNex likewise appreciates anime and has made a few recordings about it. The channel right now has 1.09 million supporters. A YouTuber with extraordinary ability can procure $5 for each 1,000 video sees, as indicated by Forbes.


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A YouTube video with 1,000,000 perspectives is worth up to $5,000. In light of this computation, he had complete vocation profit of $827,434 as of September 2022, with perspectives on 165,486,861.

He much of the time teams up with his kindred Youtuber, SSSniperWolf, who has 32.7 million supporters as of September 2022.

Practically all YouTubers make most of their cash from promotion income produced by their YouTube recordings. A figure that ascents when recordings are family-accommodating, in English, and longer than eight minutes.

Extra Ways Of bringing in Cash Fron YouTube Member Marketing: As a subsidiary marketer, you want to convince individuals to purchase items from which you will get a commission. YouTube is a phenomenal stage for this.

On the off chance that a watcher taps on the connection in the video portrayal and puts in a request, the YouTuber will get a part of the returns.

Merchandise: Essentially depending on publicizing and brand bargains is hazardous on the grounds that it is dependent upon the impulses of outsiders and calculations.

YouTube makers are understanding, like never before, that selling stock and different items can acquire big bucks while additionally invigorating their fan base. Best of all, the maker has unlimited authority over everything, including planning the product, running the shop, and advancing the items.

Sponsorship and Support Arrangements: A YouTube sponsorship understanding pays you to make reference to a brand or item in a video.


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Design channels, for instance, are notable for their image advancements. The maker does an item take a stab at pull, specifies the brand, and connections to the items worn in the video.

A multi-video sponsorship is the most helpful and savvy answer for both the brand and the maker. The two players should haggle just a single time, pay just a single time, and have less work to do.

DigitalNex Is An American YouTuber DigitalNex is an American YouTuber who makes response recordings on his channel.

He rose to unmistakable quality subsequent to working with ‘SSSniperWolf,’ one more YouTuber with a gaming channel.

He has showed up in recordings, for example, ‘Watching Startling Recordings,’ ‘Mukbanga That Has Gone Excessively Far,’ and ‘Among Us,’ which have gotten large number of perspectives, spreading the word about him a well YouTube character.

He began his YouTube direct in 2009, at 17 years old, and started presenting back-on back response recordings and a couple of gaming recordings and surveys.

DigitalNex has made ‘We should Play recordings for games, for example, ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Fantastic Burglary Auto,’ making him a famous YouTube gaming character.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


@digitalnex’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

DigitalNex, his YouTube channel, has more than 140,000,000 perspectives and roughly a million supporters. His Youtube channel has more than 165,486,861 perspectives and over 1.09 million endorsers. He is likewise a tremendous anime fan and has an assortment of anime toys on his set, which he shows on his profile.

Probably the most extravagant Youtuber in 2022, as recorded by Forbes, are;

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