Does Rachel The Rider Want Adekunle All To Herself?

Rachel seemed to have moved from being Adekunle’s dearest companion to believing that him should leave the game so he could get to realize Daniella better.

Ebuka’s table dispersing generally leaves one of the Housemates shaken, and this time it was Rider Rachel. On Sunday night, Ebuka went to the House to examine Adekunle regarding his arrangements with Daniella. He communicated his craving to get to realize Rachel better and left Rachel with blended sentiments about him.

Rachel and Adekunle talked about the issue in the Nursery for over two hours. During this discussion, Rachel educated the past Head regarding House that she felt slighted by him for communicating his advantage in Daniella after he had recently communicated an interest in her. As per Rachel, Adekunle told her that he needed to get to know her better, so she was unable to comprehend the reason why he would now be keen on another person.

When Adekunle and Rachel were in the Nursery substance he asked her, “do you like me?”. At the point when Rachel denied this, he answered, “case shut,” and wished to end the discussion. He proceeded to let Rachel know that he expected to win HoH and make Daniella his Appointee. Rachel’s subsequent inquiry looked for explanation on the “prompts” he was giving her. Embraces, as per Rachel, ought to simply be given to individuals who are dating, and Adekunle had been embracing Rachel in the House. Embraces are simply embraces to Adekunle, and that’s it.

Big Brother asked Rachel in her Journal Meeting today who she would have saved in the event that she had Blackball Power. She might have picked Bella or Adekunle, however she picked Bella in light of the fact that she doesn’t comprehend Adekunle right now because of “ongoing occasions.” Adekunle’s advantage in Daniella is the occasion being referred to. She thinks Adekunle is involving her and Daniella as his procedure, however he denies it.