Does Starry taste like Sierra Mist? Where to buy and all about Pepsi Lemon Lime Soda

The year 2023 began with another unexpected treat for lemon soft drink darlings as Pepsi presented another beverage called Brilliant. A swap for the now-stopped Sierra Fog, the new lemon soft drink is supposed to be “Fresh, Clear, and Invigorating.” Including a comparative lemony flavor profile to the Sierra Fog, the new lemon soft drink will be coming to stores one week from now as a likely contest against Coca Cola’s Sprite.

PepsiCo claims that Brilliant conveys the fresh and reviving pleasantness of lemon in an effervescent beverage that will animate one’s taste buds with a citrusy feel. Accessible in normal and sans sugar variations, the new PepsiCo soft drink will be presented at a comparative cost to its ancestor, the Sierra Fog.

PepsiCo declared the big news through an official statement, with Greg Lyons, Head Marketing Official at PepsiCo Drinks North America, saying:

“At PepsiCo, we are hyper-centered around purchaser driven development, and we know there’s major areas of strength for a for lemon lime seasoned soft drink with the classification proceeding to speed up.”
Showing how Sprite has been independently ruling the lemon soft drink market, the CMO introduced the new PepsiCo offering, adding:

The new PepsiCo lemon soft drink is supposed to be a liberal beverage with ideal pleasantness, extraordinary taste, and a delightful encounter. The sans caffeine drink will be accessible in many sizes and bundles, including jars, PET containers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. PepsiCo is arranging various things for the new beverage, including a public television ad, 360 computerized and social content, enormous scope sports, culture, diversion organizations, and significantly more.

Concentrating on how the new PepsiCo drink is superior to its rivals, Danielle Barbaro, VP Research and development at PepsiCo Refreshments North America, says:

“With Brilliant, we had the option to make a game-changing recipe with the ideal equilibrium of lemon lime flavor and pleasantness contrasted with the opposition.”

The new Brilliant will make a big appearance in the US markets in the approaching week and will be accessible all through the country before the month’s over.

Clients will actually want to arrange the new lemon soft drink through different retailers like Walmart, Target, and others. The new drink may likewise be accessible at some huge and little retail chains. Furthermore, a few loads of the new beverage are now accessible to arrange at restricted areas on retail staple sites like InstaKart and Kennies.

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