Eminem Opens Up About Snoop Dogg Beef, Dr. Dre’s Brain Aneurysm, Juice WRLD & More In ‘Curtain Call 2’ Podcast

Eminem will give an unprecedented gathering with dependable boss Paul Rosenberg.

Rosenberg will converse with Eminem during a novel modifying of his SiriusXM computerized broadcast series, “Paul Unit: Curtain Call 2”.

The Eminem-driven episode is segment two of a seven-episode series featuring the people who helped, coordinated and pushed Eminem all through his occupation.

“Eminem and Paul dispose of any disarray over his squabble with Sneak Homeboy and discuss how Dr. Dre’s psyche aneurysm expected a section in split the difference,” the episode’s logline examines. “Eminem also talking about how he was blown away waiting there, standing by listening to Juice WRLD rap to his instrumentals and from another experience participating.

Likewise, Eminem acclaims back at individuals who hammer his music and how he raps.

“The novel takes an all around look at the hits, craftsmanship, accounts, and assortments that make up the staggering melodic library of Eminem as told through direct experiences by the individuals and partners on these.”

Eminem’s gathering debuts on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. ET through SiriusXM’s Shade 45.

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