Erin Andrews Feared For Her Life When Her Driver Fell Asleep In A Moving Vehicle: ‘It Was Awful’

Erin Andrews evaluated a startling event when her driver fell asleep at the absolute worst time while she was in the vehicle.

The Fox sportscaster told her iHeart Radio webcast co-have Charissa Thompson that, last week, when she was branching out from Chicago to Green Sound for the Green River Packers game against the Minnesota Vikings, she saw the driver was resting.

On Thursday’s episode of their computerized broadcast “Calm Down with Erin and Charissa”, Andrews, 44, got a handle on that during the vehicle ride, she was on a call that was reserved before her plunk down interview with Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Various people from the gathering were moreover on the call, as well as Fox broadcasters Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen.

“I’m making, headphones are working, we’re perfect. I hear wheezing. I know it’s not Greg Olsen, Kevin Burkhardt or Aaron Rodgers wheezing. My driver fell asleep at the absolute worst time. On a turnpike from Chicago!” Andrews told Thompson, who immediately replied: “Break. What do you mean he fell asleep at the absolute worst time?”

“Wheezing. Resting,” Andrews made sense of.

“Likewise, the vehicle is moving? We’re not halted?” Thompson mentioned more nuances.

“Moving, 65 miles an hour,” Andrews replied. “I am so thankful I put my phone on calm since we’re on a Zoom. I put my phone on calm, and I go, ‘Are you effing resting?’ Stirs [like] Clark Griswold, it was horrible. So as of now I have the quarterback of the gathering I’m endeavoring to manage, I’m endeavoring to take notes. I have endlessly out anxiety. This isn’t how I want to go down. This isn’t how I want to die… ”

The past “Raising a ruckus around town floor with the Stars” have seen that she was fretful for the rest of the vehicle ride. Following completing the call, she referenced the driver move past at a drive-through.

“I go in, I get him a coffee,” Andrews shared. “He doesn’t drink it. The entire vehicle ride I’m like, ‘Ahem, ahem, ahem,’ seeing if he’s napping controlling everything.

“I was also stressed considering the way that I wasn’t precisely zeroing in on my calls, which are like Book of sacred writings to me,” she added.

Fortunately, Andrews safely made an appearance to Green Sound for her gathering with Rodgers, which she said “went impeccably.”

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