Fact Check: Was Lisa Marie Presley a Scientologist? Connection explored

Since the death of Lisa Marie Presley on Thursday, January 12, 2023, individuals have been investigating insights concerning her own life and have had a few inquiries with respect to something very similar. The latest inquiry was about Lisa’s contribution in the Congregation of Scientology.

Numerous big names have been associated with the Scientology Church, most strikingly Tom Journey, John Travolta, Juliette Lewis, and Giovanni Ribisi. Scientology is frequently alluded to as a religion and in some cases as a business. It was established in 1953 by L. Ron Hubbard.

Lisa Marie was the lone offspring of vocalist and entertainer Elvis Presley and entertainer Priscilla Presley. She experienced a heart failure at her Calabassas home on January 12. While paramedics restarted her heart in transit to the emergency clinic, she died soon thereafter. Her last open appearance was at the 80th Brilliant Globe grants with her mom on Tuesday, January 10.

“They were taking my spirit”: Lisa Marie Presley on why she severed with the Congregation of Scientology
Lisa Marie Presley was accounted for to have joined the Congregation of Scientology not long after her dad’s demise in 1977. As indicated by alright! Magazine, she was brought to the congregation by her mom, who found it challenging to deal with Lisa after she engaged in drugs in her childhood.

Lisa’s contribution with the congregation in this way started and gone on for a considerable length of time. She was even answered to have said that Scientology saved her life. She said:

Lisa then brought up her two most seasoned kids, Riley and Benjamin, in the congregation. Nonetheless, in 2014, Lisa enjoyed some time off from the clique like religion, guaranteeing that it enjoyed taken benefit of her and needed all that she had. She referenced:

Not at all like other previous Scientologists, she didn’t uncover a lot about the reasons that prompted her choice. In any case, there have been a few reports with respect to her contribution in the religion.

Lisa Marie Presley wedded artist Michael Lockwood. They were together for 10 years until they petitioned for legal separation in 2016. Lockwood referenced that his petitioning for legal separation was because of her religion. He blamed Lisa for utilizing a congregation procedure called “fair gaming” – a way for individuals to target foes of the congregation by irritating them or putting a flaw on their standing.

In court reports, Lockwood said that Presley maneuvered their little girls toward talking about him in a terrible light. He likewise asserted that Presley dishonestly blamed him for s*xually manhandling the twins, guaranteeing Scientology was the purpose for her way of behaving and allegations.

During That 70s Show’s entertainer Danny Masterson’s preliminary for unfortunate behavior and r*pe, Lisa Marie Presley was additionally involved. Masterson, likewise a Scientologist, was blamed for r*ping three ladies who were likewise of a similar religion.

At the point when this matter became visible, the congregation requested that Lisa Marie persuade one regarding the casualties not to report the occurrence to specialists. She was companions with one of the informers.

Presley apparently did what she was approached to do. Be that as it may, in 2014, subsequent to isolating from the congregation, she released a conciliatory sentiment to her companion for endeavoring to prevent her from looking for equity and for not being a superior companion.

In 2017, there were bits of gossip about Lisa Marie Presley rejoining the Congregation of Scientology, however the congregation exposed the talk. Her girl Riley Keough, nonetheless, is as yet engaged with the congregation and has been battling to get her mother back in the crease.

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