Final Wager Task Practice Causes Ruckus

Chichi’s new liabilities as Head of House incorporate setting up the Housemates for their Bet Undertaking Show. As the finale draws near, the Big Brother Naija Housemates will have one final opportunity to win their Bet for this present week.

Chichi ordered ordinary practice meetings to guarantee triumph, which started the previous evening. Regardless of the absence of a thoroughly examined script, the Housemates chose to continue to rehearse; notwithstanding, bedlam resulted in practically no time.

While Chichi was endeavoring to guarantee that everything was working out in a good way, Bella intruded on her two times while she was all the while talking, which bothered Chichi, and she educated Bella regarding her sentiments, which transformed into a warmed contention.

Sheggz hurried in to safeguard Bella, yet Chichi told him not to interfere in ladies’ undertakings. Bella proceeded to allude to Chichi as “an unfilled head.” She guaranteed Chichi was confused and had no clue about what it intended to be the Head of House. Chichi became close to home after the battle and looked for counsel from Daniella and Phyna.

They urged her to converse with individuals about relegating errands to every Housemate. Afterward, Chichi gathered a gathering in the parlor, as Daniella recommended, apologized to the Housemates, and afterward spread out her standard procedures.