“Go home!”- Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition fans slam Shekinah Jo for fighting with Lyrica again

Family Get-together: Love and Hip Bounce Release season 3 episode 8, named Jamaican Me Insane, circulated on VH1 on Monday, January 16, at 8 pm ET.

In the episode, the ladies sat together at the all-nighter, feeling that their issues are all currently settled. Shekinah Jo, who had apologized to Lyrica the earlier day, continued to make faces at her, inciting Teairra to ask her what the issue was.

Shekinah said that she was as yet annoyed with the way that Lyrica unfollowed her, and that was the explanation she wouldn’t warmly greet her. Lyrica made sense of that her group had made the primary post and asked her not to toss conceal at her. Afterward, she chose to leave as she would have rather not had a discussion while Shekinah was shouting.

Shekinah additionally battled with Flavor as the last option requested that she quit shouting and make sense of the circumstance. The extremely following day, the ladies went to a spa together and Shekinah requested that Flavor go to the prom with her, however she rejected, saying that she needed to go with Lyrica all things being equal. Shekinah referred to her as “chaotic” for a similar explanation.

At the point when different ladies attempted to make quick work of the issue, Shekinah uncovered that a nearby source to her had advised her that Lyrica would have rather not been related with her for her music profession. Lyrica was stunned to hear this and said that she had not an obvious explanation to can’t stand her.

Nonetheless, Shekinah didn’t quit battling with Lyrica and, surprisingly, remarked on her mom. Estelita pummeled Shekinah for provoking ladies since she got into the house and felt that the cast couldn’t get in total agreement with her.

Family Get-together: Love and Hip Bounce Release fans concurred with Estelita and requested that Shekinah return home.

Recap of Family Get-together: Love and Hip Jump Release season 3 episode 7 VH1’s portrayal of the episode named A Melody of Fire and Flavor read:

“Flavor’s birthday festivity go on with an unexpected melodic visitor; the aftermath from the birthday celebration leaves Shekinah as the black sheep of the family gathering; Khaotic carries the tomfoolery and one more surprise to the family get-together.”

Keep going week on Family Get-together: Love and Hip Bounce Release, Shay Johnson facilitated a unique ladies’ strengthening lunch and furthermore welcomed the men in charge to the occasion. During the lunch, when Khaotic said that ladies expected to comprehend how to live with men, Gunplay concurred, adding that he felt that regard expected to go the two different ways. He additionally said:

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Shekinah Anderson (@thatshekinah)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

This irritated numerous ladies and Mariahlynn even needed to leave in light of the fact that a considerable lot of the female cast individuals from the show had been se**ually dealt. Later on, the ladies additionally talked about numerous touchy issues like fetus removal and media’s impact on the existences of ladies.

Mother Jones attempted to reconnect with Chrissy and inquired as to whether she had frozen her eggs. Mom Jones needed to turn into a grandma, yet Chrissy said that the methodology was extremely convoluted, so she didn’t freeze her eggs.

VH1 airs new episodes of Family Gathering: Love and Hip Jump Release each Monday at 8 pm ET.

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